A to Z Poetry: Goblin or Goon

Ghost Writer by Wolstenholme

Goblin or Goon

Ghosts float through the attic
of my brain.  Used to be
goblins and gremlins, 
what could be more traumatic? 

Goon and guns
are more my thing
as well as gallant gestures
and clever angelic wings.

Disingenuous  and gorgeous,
he takes me out of this world
with his geodesic looks
and his wings unfurled.

The glint in his eye,
the glow of his skin
he charms and deceives
thinking he'll win.

As we glide through the glade,
reflections on bright glass
glistens and blind
as he says, 'don't be afraid.'

Oh to be a guest in his mind, 
so relieved.  Little does he
know, he'll be the 
one left aggrieved. 

~ R. Lee McCormack~

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