Monday Meandering

Ack!  It's truly been one of those days in which I haven't had much time to myself and I failed to write anything Sunday to post today.  My imagination was running wild this morning, tidbits of stories running through my head while showering.  What would happen if you suddenly went blind while driving?  Would  you have any warning?  What would you do? Slam on the brakes or try to pull  to the curb?  Would anyone stop or just think you are being an asshole.  How long before anyone stopped?  Would you be able to dial 911 on your phone or just wait until someone decided to see if you needed help.   Hmmm!  A name, a child, possibilities.

Then on the way to work, just at the intersection where I do a uturn to our shop, an accident had just happened.  A truck smashed into a smaller car which was half crushed.  If I had been a minute earlier...  Lots of people rushing about so I made my way to work, thankful for the last red light and to idiots who had been driving like road slugs which prevented it from me being the one in the smushed car.  Hug your kids and spouse tonight.  You never know....

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