Bob Dylan's Nobel Lecture

When Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature this past year, I was quite surprised and skeptical. I've read the works of various prize winners over the past few years.   There have been a great number of awesome writers as well as not so awesome. However they were novelists, poets, writers, and/or activists.Why would the committee choose a musician?  The committee's reason:

         "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition"

While his words and songs are interesting, could his music be considered poetry?   Perhaps.   Did he really read Moby Dick and All Quiet on the Western Front in Grammar school?   Probably not, but that's being nit picky.   He's always been an odd duck to me and people are inspired by different things so who am I to say.  I think I'll hold on to my skepticism a while longer.

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