Flash Friday - Thoughts about X

Trickery with X 


National Poetry Month

X-rays and xacto knives
No, let's not go there.

No, I don't watch that either.

Nope, none of that. 

Nah, my son looks like both of us.
Although my three sisters and I all have different hair color.
No one believed we had the same mother and father.

Lots of odd rocks in our collection.

I did love Piers Anthony's imagery world 
When I was a teen.

Xavier Cugat,
He was married to the cuchi cuchi babe.
Charo for those too young to remember.

Beware the big bold x of the railroad crossing.
Don't try to beat the train.

Xeroxes to Xylographs
modern to the past. 

Time for me to make my exit,
since I find that I'm quite perplexed. 

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