9th Blogoversary Reflection

Happy 9th Blogoversay to me!  Come on in, grab a glass of champagne and let's celebrate.

My goodness, dear hearts. I can hardly believe it.  It feels like yesterday when I sat down, put my fingers to the keyboard and dipped my toes into the blogging waters.  I discovered an amazing variety of people from all over the globe who opened their blogging doors with a 'hey, come on in and join the fun.'   I'd always been that introvert who lurked on the sidelines, absorbing conversations, listening and learning, then tip toeing back home, Yes, I used to be the one who never got a word in edgewise at home.  Now they can't shut me up.  * grin *  I came to discover blogging is one big open never ending house party which is an introvert's dream.    No matter how long you've been gone, the door is always open and you are welcomed back with open arms.

The blogosphere has taken me outside my comfort zone, time and time again, and encouraged me to look outside the box.  It lead to NaNoWriMO and the beginning of a new love - writing fiction -which in turn lead to continuing my education and the ever elusive Master's Degree.   Did I want to spend thousands of dollars or could I do it on my own, creating my own DIY master's degree?  Along the way, instead of posts, I started writing my morning grumbles and character discussions by hand.  I started working out issues on the physical page rather than my blog.

Then when grief raised its fugly head, stopped writing altogether. I don't remember what led me to Writer's Village,  but it saved me and got me back into writing, even if it was just responses to exercises.  When Bob asked for volunteers to help facilitate  writing certificate classes, I jumped in with both feet and soon discovered I'd written past the grief and moved forward.

It's funny, how life imitates art or is it the other way around.  Writing takes emotion.  The characters in my stories can't live without emotion.  My fog has been their fog.  They've sat quietly in the back of my mind, waiting.   I now understand my hero, a widower, in Eyes in the Ashes much better and am ready to write his story.  You really can't write what you don't understand.

Through my writing courses, learned how to write both flash fiction and non fiction. And I realized, that's what I'd been doing all along on My Two Blessings.  In one of the classes at WVU, one of the questions asked is "Why I write?"  It opened the flood gates to why I blog, live, love, et all. So be prepared for more meandering on the page.

Why do you write?

Thank you for sticking with me through the years.




  1. I must check out Writer's Village - it sounds fabulous!
    Congratulations on an awesome blogging milestone - and the discovery of writing as a passion.

    1. Thanks Molly. Writer's village is fabulous and all the writers are very positive.

  2. Wow...9 years! Congrats! It has been nice getting to know you in the writing and book world.

    Love your header!

    1. Thanks Michelle, and same to you. I totally forgot about bloggiesta.


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