2015 Reading Challenges

2015 Reading Challenges

My challenge at the beginning of any new year is to whittle down the number of books on my shelves since my books have had many babies throughout the year.  I am going to institute a buying ban for the beginning of the year through April and plan to read only books I own.  Always easier said than done.  

Once again I will be hosting Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks  and have many fun mini challenges and readalongs to keep everyone inspired.   

I'm going to do a 3/5/15 challenge which is 3 books in 5 categories for the year 2015.  My categories are  Dusty, Chunky, Translated, Study of St. Luke, Spiritual/Philosophical.  

I'll also do another round of A to Z and Around the World, keeping track of countries and centuries.  

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