Writerly Wednesday: Leap of Faith

I wandered through the ancient forest on a narrow trail covered in moss and leaves.  The wind whistled through the trees, branches rustling and singing, while scattered leaves flew all about me. I could see the bridge now and hear the roar of the waterfall. The breeze pushed and pulled me, leaves crunching and crackling under my bare feet.  Crack! I jumped out of the way as a huge tree crashed behind me with a  bone jarring thud. Once the dust cleared, it blocked the pathway and now I’d have to take the long way home.  The wind whipped up again, pulling me along and I sprinted as fast as I could.  I’d heard about the bridge but never seen it.  Awe inspiring. Two huge oaks trees stretching across the water towards one another, the roots forming a natural walkway.  Warm and bumpy underneath my feet, I walked to the middle and stared down at the water.  The river roared underneath and emptied into a crystal clear lake, surrounded by ferns and wild lilies of white, yellow, gold and orange. Sunlight sparkled off the water and fish swam in aimless circles.  Looking out across the ancient forest, the church steeple rose high above the tree tops and the tolling of the bell drifted by on the wind.   A soft breeze caressed my face and whispered ‘I will catch you when you fall’.  The breeze plucked at my clothes, once again pulling me towards the edge.  The leap of faith, that’s what all the kids called it.  I can do this.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and jumped.

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