Writerly Wednesday: Dialogue

This week's task was to do a scene using only dialogue and not tags.  Easier said than done.  I wanted to do a scene with Bree from Red Thief, but she was too busy working, debugging a computer program to speak to me.   So did one of those - open up a vein and see what happens - moments. 

Molly and Julie

I can’t stand this. Nothing is coming out right.  I can’t read or write. Everything in my brain is so jumbled.

Slow down a minute, Molly and take a deep breath.  Now, tell me what’s been going on. 

It’s Jason. He’s seeing that, that, that witch again, the one with the yellow hair.

You mean Dora, Seriously?

Seriously! She’s got her claws into him somehow and he’s stone deaf, dumb and blind.  Can’t eat, sleep,
or drink anything but her. 

When did this happen?

Couple days ago!  I was driving to the market and there they were, canoodling right in the middle of Main Street, by Sherry’s Craft Store. 


She had her tongue so far down his throat I’m surprised it didn’t come out his ass.

Molly!  Come on now. 

No, seriously dude, it was gross.  She doesn’t know the meaning of the word no. Has no propriety to her what so ever.  Doesn’t even care if she poaches another girl’s guy.  He was into it too. You could tell. 

So what are you going to do?

I don’t know. Should I tell Geri about it.  I’m surprised I haven’t heard from her. She would have told me if they broke up.  Oh God! I’m going to have to tell her.  


Why! Why? She deserves to know. I’d hate for her to see them. Or worse, have demon bitch tell her.  It’d break her heart.

Oh, I don’t know about that.  I saw Dora over at McCourt Inn and she seemed pretty chummy with Victor. Seems she’s into a lot of guys. Not just one.  She must want something out of Jason.  She’s a user and in the worst way.  Doesn’t care who she hurts or what she has to do to get her own way.  

Jason’s a dunderhead.  All he knows is football. 

He is strong and…  Actually, he’s just strong, fast on the football field,  and yeah, I agree, he doesn’t have any brains.  Everyone knows his brother does his homework.  So why is she after him? Do you think she needs him to move something or better yet,  beat someone up.  Who do you think?

Huh? Beat someone up?  Why is Jason doing the witch got you so bummed? I didn’t think you liked him or Geri. 

Well. My brother hangs with both of them and they both have been decent to me.  Well as decent as possible for idiots.

Speaking of idiots. What do you think of the new owner of the Art studio.

He’s a fairy.

Molly!  You shouldn’t say things like that, especially in here.

I didn’t mean it that way.  Fairy as in magical, mystical, weird. 

You’re right, he is weird.  I wonder what Mrs. Murphy sees in him.  He seems as  faithful as Jason.
And those clothes, on my gawd! 

The hair.


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