Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Salon: Finding the groove

Life:  Whether you are right about the weather or writing about the weather, change is hard.  We eased back into lessons this past week with a minimum of fuss. However, we are still working out the kinks on timing and James desire to do everything on his own and when it's time for a supervisory review.   I told him to look at it like a job - he can either stop at a certain reasonable time every day for his supervisor (me)  to review his work or we can stipulate Friday as review day.  We tried the latter this week and it leaves a bit to be desired as we were a bit cranky at the end of the long week.  He's a teenager - nuff said.   How many more years to go?  Concentrating on my one word - Grace.

ROW80: Writing and reading wise,  spending my mornings getting into a study, reading, and writing mode.  The goal is to write daily - whether it's journaling, blogging or working on wip.  I wrote everyday except for one day this week.  I'm loving the Write Brain workbook and had a lot of fun with the exercise Far Far Away in which you think of a person who really bugs or annoys you, and then think of a place you'd like to send this person.  Then -mentally--send them there.   With that in mind. start with - The post card arrived......   (Just a hint, an unhappy acquaintance who is not happy unless they have something to complain about).  Did I accomplish all my goals this week. Alas not since life happens so carrying goal over to this week:

1)  WIP: Review draft of Eyes in the Ashes, re-evaluate and detail what needs to be done. Have partial 3rd edit completed.
2)  Craft Study:  Complete chapter 1 exercises of The Writer's Journey and apply them to main characters of Eyes.
3)  ROW80 participants - visit all the two's.
4)  Morning pages:  continue with Jesus calling and Write Brain workbook.

Reading:  This week I finished Around the World with Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis which was mediocre  and the first book in The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith which was quite interesting.  I'll be posting my reviews Monday and Friday.  I'm still reading Echoing Silence: Thomas Merton on the Vocation of Writing and Brett Battles Sick about an evil scientist and a nasty population killing virus. Pulling down from the dusty shelf to read Across the Universe by Beth Revis and Genesis by Bernard Beckett.  Seems I'm doing the A to Z challenge after all.

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52 BOOKS: It's book week 3 already and highlighting Pierre Berton, Canadian non fiction author who died in 2004.  Check out the video of his life which is quite informative.

Came across a really neat challenge by Gina at Book Dragon's lair which will begin in April and run for two years: Monthly Mix up Mania in which you read a book for each letter for each month of the year.  Sounds like fun. 

What are you reading this week? 

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