New Year, New Round of 80 Words!

Jan 7th is the start of ROW80 for 2013 and long story short for those who aren't familiar with A Round of Words in 80 Days.  It is the brain child of author Kait Nolan which is a goal setting writing challenge which runs in 4 rounds, each 80 days. The purpose is to set goals which are measurable and if you need to change them because it just isn't working. 

Last year, I kind of fell off the wagon with my goals and happy to have a fresh start. I already mentioned my goals for the year here and now I'm ready to start breaking them down into manageable weekly objectives.

My goal is to write daily even when I'm not actively working on a first draft so not going with a specific word count for this week.   Doing a modified morning pages / journaling  utilizing Sarah Young's Jesus Calling and exercises from The Write Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer.   The first is thought provoking and the latter has been fun as I'm enjoying the creative writing exercises.

Took a break from my WIP Eyes in the Ashes for a while so will be rereading in it's entirety and make notes on what needs to be done.

Finished reading Chapter one of The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler this morning and will be working on the questions on page 97 - Questioning the Journey and applying them to my main character in Eyes. 

Will determine a blog schedule, whether going to go with 3 or 4 set days, post it in my sidebar and stick to it. 

I'm going to try a rotating schedule with visiting fellow rowers similar to Kait's method for the sponsors.  This week I'll visit all the ones, next week two's,  and blah, blah, blah.  Connecting with everyone is an important part of the whole process and last year when everything sort of fell by the wayside for the last two rounds, I really missed the camaraderie.  

I can't keep up with checking in and commenting on everyone's posts twice a week, so will be doing a ROW post on Sundays, Wednesday's will check in on facebook page,  but I will be visiting  and comment throughout the week.   

Fresh start, fresh group so be sure to stop by and say hi to everyone here


  1. good goals - I have never dared comit myself to blogs on certain days although I try to do them as re. as possible envy those who can - it was doing a rotating trek through the names (works well) that made me realise I could do the whole sponser thing - I can still fit in others as the numbers are not too much. I enjoy visitng the other members of ROW80 but it is time consuming.

    All the best with your various activities:)

  2. good Luck!! I'm always amazed at your creativity!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your goals.

  4. It most certainly is a fresh start. Don't worry about what happened last year. That's behind us now. Focus on your goals, step by step. You can do it. :) Best of luck and words.

  5. I think a few people fell off the wagon last year (myself included), but the important thing is that we're all getting up and giving it another go. Good luck with your goals :)

  6. Oh, I love the idea of reading a draft again, just to make notes of how to change/improve it. I think I'm going to steal that from you!


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