Sunday Salon: Challenges

Josephine Walls "Ripples"
Happy December!  I had a wonderful birthday and we had a very enjoyable quiet Thanksgiving.  James gave me a couple books and Hubby gave me a new Nook Hd + tablet which is absolutely awesome except for when he and James are borrowing it to play Angry Birds.  LOL!   My folks gave me a nice check which has come in handy for those end of the year books I've been wanting to get my hands on.  I think I have the my eyes are bigger than my stomach syndrome, because there are so many I want when already have a huge teetering pile of books.

Reading wise, I've been looking at all the book challenges, what books I still have in my TBR pile and those still on my wishlist.  So.....   One,  I'm going to institute a buying ban come January 1st which will probably last through April and concentrate on those wonderful books that have been calling my name.  And I'll be limiting the number of challenges.

I am hosting Read 52 books in 52 Weeks again in 2013 and we'll be doing several mini challenges including the Dusty Book Challenge which is just another name for read your own books.  

We'll also be doing a Chunkster challenge which are books that are 500 pages or more.   I'll also continue with the Well Educated Mind and Mind Voyages Sci Fi/Fantasy mini challenges.  There is a Canada Books readalong in the works as well as reading books from other countries.   Plus random mini challenges along the way which I'll borrow shamelessly from on The Novel Challenges blog.

I'm going to make an effort to read more non fiction this next year so in that vein will have doing a non fiction reading project.

Besides that, I have signed up for Beth Fish Reads What's in a Name challenge again. 

Writing wise, Nanowrimo was a complete bust for me. I just wasn't ready and my heart  wasn't in it this year.  However, I do have the beginnings of a good story and will be doing more research and brainstorming, then dive in have my own mini nano in order to get the first draft done.  James however, totally jumped in with both feet, wrote two fan fiction stories and managed to do about 31,000 words.  He was thrilled to get a certificate from the Nano young writer's program and has it taped to his wall.  He took a couple days break and has started yet another story.  I need some of his writing mojo.  Meanwhile, I'm going to devise a  writing contract with myself for 2013 and I expect you all to hold me accountable.  Yes, I'll be continuing with ROW80 next year and will attempt to do a better job with my goals and accountability.

Have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see you round the blogosphere!  


  1. I thought about joining NaNoWrMo too, but just couldn't. It's been such a long year for me personally, that even though i am reaching desperation stage in getting to my writing,if I feel any extra pressure, I might start crying. What I really need is a regular time to write, which I know I can do as i finished the first draft of my novel a few years ago, by getting up early every day. So I understand your frustration very well, and I hope you find your rhythm soon. Just stick with it, and be patient - even 50 words is still something, more than before, per day.

    I too have a stacks of books to read that I've bought, so I was thinking of also putting a moratorium on my book buying for a few months in the new year. I like the sound of your Dusty book mini challenge! You must have looked at my shelves lol where those books are waiting to be read.

    Here's to writing and reading all we can in the next year!

  2. My mind is already in 2013 in regards to my reading. I'm going to play along with 52 books in 52 weeks but this time I'm going to do much much better!!

  3. A writing contract with yourself? What a wonderful idea! Sometimes it takes something a little "formal" like this to take the writing thing seriously. Good for you!

    Good luck with your goals!


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