Sunday Salon: You, me, I, it

Brainstorming away here for Green Cross and in midst of it, getting insight into scenes to edit for Blue Steel.  Changed the name since I have a theme going here with Red Thief and Blue Steel. Green Cross sounds more interesting, than Ice, since it isn't going to be about diamonds but nanotechnology and deceit.  Don't you think?    My goals this week will be to interview Hunter, write his backstory and get to know him better.  Plus get a grip on other characters - my main female lead, her sister and my villains.  Also completed a bit of research on settings since story will take place in a few places.    Although reading and working through Writing Begins with the Breath, received Chris Baty's Writer's Workbook - Ready, Set, Novel! and  will use it for brainstorming, plotting and planning.   

My creative writing class is going strong and this week's task was to write the same scene from two different points of view.  I took a scene from Eyes in the Ashes and rewrote it from my female villain's 3rd person  point of view and 1st person pov.  Really helped me see the scene in a whole new way.   Which one do you like?

Ashley stepped aside and waited for Greg to open the door for her. She dipped her head and walked ahead of him. She hesitated, let out a small gasp, pushed past Paul and rushed down the front steps as two vehicles parked in front of the inn. Ashley had expressly forbidden any of the service people to park there because it ruined the beauty and symmetry of the entry way. “No. No. No. No. You can’t park those monstrosities in front of my inn. Heaven’s. What will people think?” The van had a painting of a wild land scene with deep green grass, blue skies and eyes peering out of the grass. The jeep next to it was battered and muddy with a painting of a huge bat on the hood. The license plate said bat lady. A woman hopped out of the driver’s side. She removed an equally battered cowboy hat, ran her fingers through her hair. The woman had short, scruffy hair and wore a khaki colored shorts outfit. Ashley shook her head again, opening her mouth to speak when the woman skirted around her and ran to Paul, jumping into his arms for a big bear hug. She heard someone clear their throat behind her. She turned to see a man, tall, well groomed and dressed in Armani shirt and slacks. She tucked a piece of hair behind one ear and held out her hand. He took her hand in his, kissed the back of her hand. “David Wickham at your service. You must be Ashley McCourt. I’d recognize that beautiful face anywhere.”

Greg held out the door for me, as he should. I halted in the doorway, dismayed to see some god awful jeep, followed by a van painted a garish green pull up in front of my inn. No. No. No. No! This won’t do. What will people think? My reputation! I pushed past Paul and strode down the sidewalk as a girl climbed out of the driver’s side of the jeep. A girl? No. A woman, short, with hair as scruffy as the car. I had hardly opened my mouth to speak when she completely ignored me and ran past me and threw herself into Paul’s arms. I drew in a sharp breath, affronted by her behavior when I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. I turn to blast this person for having the audacity to ignore my parking instructions published in clear sight at the top of the drive. Oh My! My voice died in my throat. Tall, well groomed, delicious blue eyes.  And those teeth! I lost my breath, tucked my hair behind one ear. He held out a hand, took mine in his and kissed it. My knees turned to rubber as those lips, warm and soft, pressed upon on the back of my hand. “David Wickham at your service. You must be Ashley McCourt. I’d recognize that beautiful face anywhere.”

Great exercise which helped me see how different points of view really change the impression you get from a story.   Speaking of impressions, I'm currently reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz.  He has a way of writing that is just so visual and really captures your imagination.  He really knows how to set a scene, paint a haunting or scary picture without totally creeping me out.  

Someone else who knows how to paint an interesting story is Kait Nolan, our wonderful ROW 80 leader.  I just finished reading Red and thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check it out.  Very, very good young adult mystery urban fantasy story about a teenager whose inherited the family curse and could possibly turn into a werewolf soon.

Cherry Adair, one of my favorite author has released a self published, ebook in the T-Flac series, Ice Cold and it is available at the special price of $5.59 for the rest of the weekend.   Have no idea what she's going to charge after this so if you are interested, get it now at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Be sure to stop by and see how the rest of my ROW80 writing buddies are doing.

Have a wonderful week!  


  1. Hope you have lots of fun getting to know your characters. That sounds like a great idea to me. I'll have to keep that in my back pocket for when the time comes. Examining a scene from various POVs is a great idea. I'll have to tuck that one away as well. Have a great week. TTFN

  2. Interesting take on how to dig deeper into your characters by interviewing them and then writing back story. I'm going to use this in the coming week for my current revision. Thanks also for noting the books that are helpful to you. I'm currently working through James Scott Bell's Plot & Structure. I feel like my eyes are opening! Both versions have strengths. I liked the depth in the third person version and the immediacy of the first person version. May the coming week go well!

  3. I'm so much happier as an editor instead of a writer :))

    Anyway, I've got Dean Koontz on my list for authors I want to read.

  4. I have never interviewed my characters - not sure I would trust them to give truthful answers:) but am writing some short stories of them, incidents from their lives which will never turn up in the books - interviews tho' a thought to ponder for future - all the best for this week


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