Sunday Salon: So not ready.....

Ah life!  You would have thought with hubby out of town for three days doing the Audio Engineering Society  convention thing, I would have a lot of times on my hands and get a lot of things done.  Especially for Nanowrimo.  Don't know what happened to the time. Friday after lessons,  James and I went to the fabric store to pick up material for his Dr. Eggman costume, then we went to the shop to do payroll.  Saturday we went to Target for more things for his costume, then on to the grocery store.  Today I spent several hours working on his costume and I'm converting this (the jacket)

To this:

I'm 75% done with a whole lot of encouragement from my son to "keep going mom."  I'm done for the day, lessons have been planned for the week, dinner and cleanup is done and I'm ready to fade for the day.   Now ask me if I got any planning done for my nanowrimo story.   Kind of, sort of, not really.   I'm feeling ill prepared although I've gotten to know who my main character is, how I want the story to proceed (basically), but I just haven't had the time to write down the outline.  By evening time, I've just want to veg in front of the tv. 

I happened to catch the beginning of Brokeback Mountain on Friday, got caught up in the story and then wished I hadn't because it had such a sad ending.  Then Saturday night I watched the last two episodes of  Perception with Eric McCormack.  Again kind of sad to find out that his relationship with Natalie had never been real and had truly been a figment of his imagination the whole time.  Think I'll give up TV for the month of November.

Coming up on the last week of my F2K creative writing class.  This week's task was to write a 500 word piece which involved interviewing a character and the piece had to be solely dialogue.  I actually found it difficult to leave out all the other bits but managed it.  Will post it tomorrow.   Thanks to the Hurricane, the task for this Wednesday has been posted early in case folks on the east coast lose power.   The assignment  is to write a complete story between 500 and 1500 words, that includes the following elements:

1. An opening conflict
2. Complication 1
3. Complication 2
4. Complication 3 (optional)
5. Complication 4 (optional)
6. Crisis
7. Falling action (optional)
8. Resolution

Now you can see why I'm thankful for the hurricane.  Otherwise, I would have been having a heart attack on Wednesday what with Nanowrimo starting on Thursday.   James couldn't wait for November and has already started working on his fan fiction story.  Whom am I to stand in the way of creativity?  Now if I can just force myself to stay up at 6:30 when the cats demand to be let outside, instead of going back to sleep for a couple hours, I may just get some writing done.  I'm actually looking forward to the end of Daylight Savings time.  There's one hour gained back.  Hee Hee!

My goal this week - to choose the mountain I want to climb, be persistent, let my muse lose and just let the creativity flow.  

Have a wonderful week!  

Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~Earl Nightingale


  1. Wishing you a very enthusiastic and well-rested Muse for NaNo. I, too, thought I'd be going in more prepared and don't know where the time went.

    I'm in the direct path of Sandy, so my kids' school has already cancelled for Monday & Tuesday. To think I had cleared my schedule for last minute NaNo planning. Life has a strange sense of humor!

  2. I do hope the storms doesn't affect you all too much - It is hard to imagine it over here - all the best with nano - too much planning may be a bad thing:) positive thoughts winging your way

  3. I know exactly what you mean! After much soul searching, I have decided to once more into the fray with NaNoWriMo...and I'm not prepared. Big surprise! At least I know I'm not the only one and I'm sure there are a lot more out there just like us.

    Yeah, Brokeback Mountain is very sad and I can't even watch it now that Heath Ledger died. I loved him so. I lost track of Perception and meant to catch up OnDemand, but never got around to it.

    Well, good luck. I'm hosting another Sit Down and Write from Nov. 12 - 25 so I'm hoping that will give me more incentive to "Sit down and write" in November. I'm not even signed up for ROW80 this round yet. I figured I'd jump in when NaNoWriMo starts.

    Love the new header!

  4. Love the new look! You are a better person than I -- all that reworking the jacket. I'm afraid I'd be lost.

  5. Now that NaNoWriMo is upon us - well, those of you brave enough to dive in, anyway - I want to wish you all the best. Have fun! TTFN


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