Sunday Salon: Distractions and will power

Distractions and will power.  Two things I've been working on, in myself and my two guys.  Technology poses a bit distraction for all us and I'm toying with the idea of a technology free week. I need to wean myself away from the internet and  reset my brain.   Have gotten in the habit of checking emails on my iphone first thing in the morning, which of course, leads to facebook, then let's see who posted what on Well Trained Mind and then it progresses throughout the day. A few minutes here, while waiting for James to finish his math, a few minutes there while he writes his paragraph, and so on.  Which makes me feel like I'm not getting anything accomplished work wise on the web because by the evening, my brain's gone in to passive mode.  My I-phone sort of became a quick work around  the no technology until 4:00 rule.....because it's only for a minute or two (snort).

I just finished reading Overcoming Writer's Block without Willpower in the latest Writer's Digest magazine. Wonderful article and a swift kick in the rear.  It's all about discipline versus distraction, reacting vs creating and how to rewire our creative brains.  The first suggestion - 'don't start your day by checking your email or phone."  HA!   So true, it wrecks my day.  Also suggests limit your information input (too much mental clutter), don't take your phone to bed (guilty), plan your week before it begins, check email and social media accounts only at set times throughout the day and keep a notebook with you at all time to capture thoughts as they come.  All excellent ideas.  Another, which I can't remember exactly where I saw it was to set a word count for the week, not daily, which will allow for those off days. 

Okay universe I get the message.  So starting tomorrow morning, back to the no technology until 4:00 rule which include the iphone.  Lord give me strength.

Had a great brainstorming session with myself and Hunter (yes, my imaginary character) which lead to some great ideas and also some synchronicity with Blue Steel.  This may just turn into a series.

So far, doing a great job of writing every day, whether it be working on story, journaling, blogging or research.  I'm off and running.

Check out how other ROWer's are doing the first week of round 4.


  1. I couldn't do my work without technology but I do have to turn off Twitter and ban myself from my feed reader.

  2. I hear you about technology. Most weekends I try really hard to not get sucked into it but darn if I don't. I tried to make it a point today to finish my book!!! good luck this week with going until 4 pm!! :D


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