Think about it: Secret to success

From Inkybites Recharge Your Creative Batteries in 31 Days 

If you want to be a successful writer too, you need to do these 3 things at the very least:
  • Give Up Any and All Excuses—hard to do, yes, but worth it. Excuses hold you back from achieving things in your life. They keep you from fulfilling all the dreams you have for your writing. You only have so much time on this Earth, why waste it making excuses? I know you’re scared, we all are. But successful writers push through the fear because that’s what it takes. Nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy.
  • Get Into A Writing Routine and Never Stop—Stephen King writes every single day of his life (don’t believe me? Read On Writing). He shows up to the page. He does the work. Everything he writes may not be best-seller quality at first, but he knows that’s what revisions are for. He doesn’t let the possibility of writing something awful stop him from writing. First drafts are shit, that’s just how it is. But you can’t get to the good stuff without writing some shitty stuff first. Routine will help you get to the good stuff, dabble-writing here or there won’t.
  • Push Through—stuff is gonna come up. Life will get in the way. You will feel the fear. The fear will almost paralyze you at times. But you gotta push through. You gotta keep working toward what you want. Feel the fear and do it anyways, that’s the mantra of successful writers. Adopt it for yourself.
Being a successful writer isn’t for everyone. It isn’t even for most of the writers out there who call themselves writers.
Yes, if you write anything at all you’re a writer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful writer. Success takes work. It takes perseverance. It takes believing in yourself and believing that every small step you take is moving you closer to your goal.


  1. Sending that link to my son!!

  2. Simple, but so true. I need to print this and post it above my laptop. No excuses, establish & stick to a writing routine, and push through. I'm going to keep repeating it!!

  3. Excellent points. I've read On Writing and Stephen says that even on Christmas Day and New Years, Birthdays, he writes. I've remembered this it's so hard to do, though I manage to write during the week, it's the other times I have difficulty with.


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