Row80 Check in: Getting inside their heads

Which way did he go, George, which way did he go? ~ Bugs Bunny

It's Sunday evening and I'm wondering where my week went.  As far as writing goes I don't think much got accomplished.  I did start to interview Greg, my main male character in Eyes in the Ashes.  When asked him to describe his hands, got an interesting reaction.  

Greg:  He snorted out a laugh. "Seriously, my hands?"  I nodded.  He shook his head and held out his hands, looked at them.  "Beat up, rough. 5 fingers on each hand."  He flexed his fingers, stared at his palm and a sad look crossed his face.  "Strong and weak.  I couldn't hold on." 

me:  "Hold on to what?"

Greg:  "I never saw it before.  You can only hold on so long, then you have to open your hand, let go."

Me:  "Like a parent lets go of a child?"

Greg:  "I guess. You can squeeze them shut, but after a while you have to open, let go or it hurts more. Make a fist, clench your fingers, it causes pain.  Have you ever broken your thumb?"

Me: "No."

Greg:  I did in high school playing baseball.  Ball hit it. You use your thumb for everything. Major part of your hand.   When I lost my wife, it was like breaking my thumb. Had to learn how to do things without it, without her.  I was broken?"

Me: "Are you still?"

Greg: "No. Good question for a psychologist to ask. Look at your hands.  I'll have to try that with perps.  Stops you dead in your tracks. Makes you think."

Have you had any interesting conversations with your characters lately?

Sunday check in


  1. Do the ones in my head that answer back count?? LOl!! Have a great week!

  2. Oh wow, what a cool thing to have come out in the interview! I love when my characters reveal things that surprise me like that. Hopefully the new series ones will soon. Good luck with your goals, and have a great week!

  3. I don't write much fiction, but I love when my friends who write fiction use techniques I use in my acting to flesh out the characters I am portraying.

    It inspires me so much!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. It means a lot to me!


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