Row80 Round 2 - Edit challenged

courtesy of Horia Varlan
It's time for Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days which will run from today through June 21st.  My goals will be simple.  To edit, edit, then edit some more.  Finally getting a handle on it....I think.  Currently reading James Scott Bell's Revision and Self Editing and Alexandra Sokoloff's Screenwriting Tips for Authors. Between the two of them, I'm hitting the ground running. My goals will be simple this round

1) Edit suspense story - Eyes in the Ashes.  It's been sitting on the back burner long enough so going into it fresh. 

2) Sponsorship:   I am also a sponsor this round so goal is to visit at least 5 ROWers per day. 

3)  Writing - need to keep the creative right brain engaged so write at least 250 words per day, whether it will be the story, blogging, journal or just being creative and letting my imagination fly. 

4)  Blogging:  Besides ROW80 Wednesday check in's and Sunday Salon,  plan to devote one day per week to book reviews and hopefully get caught up. 

5)  Craft - Finish Revision and Self Editing.  Move on to Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint by Nancy Kress.  Interesting point - Editor Jennifer Sawyer Fisher who taught one of the sessions at Left Coast Crime said the best books on editing are the Write Great Fiction series.  Awesome because I happen to have to majority of them. 

6) Education - taking course on Savvy Author this round about critiquing.
7) Reading for craft - read 10 fiction books for plot and structure and analyze. Working on the list.

8) Exercise - treadmill 5 days per week

9) Twitter - I'll see you round the water cooler

My immediate goals for this week are:
1) write up scenes on index cards and put in order
2) Interview main male character and rewrite chapter two 
3) Design new cover - just for grins
4) Write up sponsor blog post and submit to Kait.
5) Write up book review for Frank Peretti's Illusion and ASK FRANK blog tour post for Wednesday.
6) Get started on the taxes!

Check in with my fellow ROWers here. We have a few newbies so be sure to give them some encouragement.   Plus Lena and Barbara are hosting the twitter party on the 4th. Be there or be square. 


  1. Thanks for including a shout out for the ROW80 party, Robin! Good luck with the editing this round -- I can't wait till I'm at the point where I have a draft that's finished and ready to be tweaked. :D

  2. I think editing takes some real commitment!! I am going to be walking this week and hope to continue doing it as my way of being healthier in 2012!

  3. Love how you have your overall goals and your weekly goals. I really need to get better about doing that. Great goals Robin and I wish you all the best with them.

  4. Wow, your goals are inspiring! I wish you the best with all of them and look forward to following your progress.

  5. Brilliant goals and it seems like you know exactly where you are going which is half the battle!

    Good luck this week :)

  6. Robin,
    I really like your title! It's great. Oh! The editing round!

    It is for me a draining part of the process. I fret over every comma, every letter, every word until I'm cross-eyed! Ha! It's a goal to get better with each piece I publish, and so I got a little 'nuts' this time ...heh heh. But...this is my cleanest, sharpest piece yet!

    Sorry to say, but The Third Fate is only available at Amazon. I have published at Smashwords in the past, but took down both of my other titles. For one, I entered them in the KDPSelect, which is a 90 day contract exclusive to Amazon. The Third Fate is not enrolled in KDPSelect yet...but I still did not publish at Smashwords - I was having problems with low sales but high downloads at their site! Not cool. :(

    Anyhoo...I think I will look into Barnes & Noble.


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