Sunday Salon: Headline News - Dieting cat discombobulates household

Poor Herbie Bear is having issues again and has to go on a diet. As you can imagine in a household with 4 cats who are all on different feeding schedules and like to munch throughout the day, this has thrown them for a loop. But...But...But... Why is he getting something different. I want what she's eating. I'll just wait til she leaves the room and dip into the bag when she isn't looking. Quick he's outside, give me food...Now!  

They are learning to eat when the dishes appears because they could disappear at any moment. And hubby is learning not to give when sweet faces peer up at him, meow longingly and wind their way around him.

Writing wise, I haven't accomplished much this week. I'm just not happy with the opening of Blue Steel. Since I didn't take much of a break from it when originally finished the first draft and seem to be stuck, going to set it aside and give it a rest while I work on  Eyes in the Ashes.  My goals for this week will be simple - figure out my plan of action.

1)  finish typing up remaining pages - discovered didn't type up the last 3 or 4 chapters.
2)  reread in entirety and make notes of what needs to be done. 

I'm still reading "Revision and Self Editing" by James Scott Bell and gleaning a lot of useful information.  Speaking of Bell (synchronicity again), he wrote a great post over on The Kill Zone "Listen to the Book".  He talks about the actor Eli Wallach (you remember him don't you?)  who used to say "The secret to acting is listening" and applies it to writing.  Makes a lot of sense.

The Sunday

And another writer who makes a lot of sense is Jody Hedlund.  She has a new book coming out in September and I highlighted her over on Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks this week.   I'm also thrilled to announce 52 Books will be one of 12 bloggers taking part in the book blog tour for Frank Peretti and his newest book "Illusions" which will run from March 26 through April 9.  

 I'll be hosting on April 4th and will be reviewing Illusions here on My Two Blessings as well.  I first discovered Frank's books back in the 80's with This Present Darkness  about a town caught up in a spiritual warfare battle between angels and demons. His books are spine tingling, chilling, nail biting, good so looking forward to reading his latest. 

I've been doing great with my exercise goals and did the treadmill 5 days this week for one hour a day and upped the grade to 1 which may not seem like much but made a difference in calories burned.  Not doing too great on the cookie front since Girl Scout are still selling their cookies. Honestly, who can pass up Thin Mints? 

Be sure to check out my fellow ROWers. Round two ends on the 22nd and another round will begin April 2nd. I'll be a sponsor for the next round.  If you've been wanting to jump in, now is the time. 

 The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor.  ~Author Unknown


  1. Your kitty is cute and I sympathize with it. I like my food:) You have been a busy person this quarter and it sounds like it's paying off.

    I love Jody Hedlund too. Neat of your to promote her here. She's the sweetest thing.

    Will you be around next quarter?

  2. You can do it Herbie Bear!! Illusion has been on my radar. Look forward to your thoughts!

  3. Your poor kitties!!! I am sure that it's tough for your hubby not to give in when they give the cute face!! I hope this week the writing goes better for you!!

    i have enjoyed Peretti's books in the past so I will be looking for this review from you!

    Have a great week!

  4. Frank Peretti has a new book coming out? Thank you for the tip!!! This Present Darkness was a huge influence on me in my early Christian years - even more so its sequel.

    Off to visit that James Scott Bell link. I got to hear him at a Christian writers retreat once: what a gifted teacher.

    The kitties do have a way of charming you when they are hungry, don't they? I have one who "dances"

  5. Thin mints are a total downfall! But regardless, congrats on the 5 days of the treadmill and on upping the grade. I'm so happy to be off the treadmill and back to walking outside after work.

  6. Awww, poor kitties. They do like to munch all day, don't they? We just got a new kitty a few weeks ago. Alice is slowly adjusting to this young ball of energy, but she can get pretty cranky when Arya wants to play and she doesn't.

    Sorry I haven't stopped by to see how the writing has been going. As you'll see on my final check in, I have been very lax this round. Next round I'm hoping I will be better.

    That's great about Frank Peretti. I'll be sure to stop by!

  7. Sounds like you're doing great with your goals!
    Our cats are on different schedules only because one eats sparingly and the other will gobble everything in sight...


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