Row80 1/11 Mid Week check in - 3 act structure

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I'm in the midst of Lesson 3 for Deep Story workshop through Savvy Authors and finally seeing the light.  Part one of building your story and it's all about the 3 act structure. Carol came up with the most awesome template showing the 18 mandatory scenes which includes the 12 stages of the Hero's Journey and how to weave in the  5  Character Arc scenes.  I'm a visual person and have been reading about the 3 act structure on another author's website but just not getting it.  Now I do and stoked about it.  While reading through the scene structure, different portions of my story kept coming to mind and it is also helping to see what was missing.  Loving this workshop.  Haven't gotten alot of writing done except for morning pages.  Yes, I'm back to doing those again.  Very helpful in working out story issues as well as clearing my brain of whatever's floating around bothering me.  Deep cleansing breath and move on.

Came across a great post about writers and how to get your brain to work positively for you on Writer's In the Storm called Talking Back to Your Brain.  It really coincides with the small manageable goals we are all working on in our writing journeys and life in general.

"Try asking yourself how you can take a very small step toward becoming a productive writer. Think really small. Can you think about your WIP for fifteen minutes and write down your thoughts? Set a timer to keep it small. Can you write a paragraph about what your main character wants? Don’t make promises like “every day without fail.” That pretty much guarantees failure. Just gradually build up and let your brain do its work.  You’ll find that one small success will lead to another and another."

Check out Patrick Ross of The Artist's Road.  He's been blogging about his 2nd two week residency for his MFA in Creative Writing.  Lots of nuggets to chew on.

I'm being sold more and more on the benefits of plotting versus being a pantster. Check out this latest post from The Plot Whisperer on The Benefits of Plot Planning.

In the midst of reading Dean Koontz "By the Light of the Moon."  He really has an interesting way of writing, but once you get into it, realize it really sets the tone for the whole story.  Loving it so far. 

Time for math lessons.  TTFN


  1. I have been sending my son the links from your posts!! Hope you're having fun with math!

  2. It's amazing to me how you can hear/read something over and over and then someone finally says it or shows it in a "my brain" kind of way -- and boing! I've got it. Glad you got to that.

  3. I love those times to just write whatever comes to mind. I should do that more often.

    I'm a visual learner too. This resource sounds great.

    Have a great day.


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