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I'm plugging on my NaNoWriMo first draft of Blue Steel.  I started with an outline, then decided to write the scenes that have been floating about in my head.  I had three variation of the same scene so am writing them all and see which clicks and moves the story forward.   Kind of freeing not writing linearly.  I checked out scrivener and see the beauty of the program but because of the learning curve will utilize it when I'm done with Nano and not under pressure.  One less thing to stress over.  I usually write every thing long hand and type it up later.   Have been trying to type the days writing up in the afternoon, however it doesn't always work out.   The pressure to get er done was relieved when I found this clause on the Nano site:

How do I verify if I’m writing by hand?:
Invoke the Luddite Clause!

What you do is write your 50,000 words, then have someone you trust verify that it is, indeed, 50,000 words. Then using something like the Lorem Ipsum generator, submit a file of the exact number of words of your handwritten manuscript to our word count validator.

So I may be invoking the Luddite Clause later in the month.   Mentioned it to hubby and he gave me a really weird look.  However, I going to try really hard to keep up.  The time change has given me my extra hour back in the morning and I'm loving it.  I popped out of bed at 7:00 bright and bushy tailed (well, not really) and ready to write.  I never really did adjust when we sprang forward in the spring.  I could hardly drag myself out of bed until 8 something and dinner was constantly late.  Back to a normal schedule now.  We'll see how long it lasts.  *grin*

Trying not to read unputdownable books for the during of November so I'm not tempted to continue reading when breakfast is over.  Finding there aren't many of those in my TBR pile.  Nora Robert's latest book "The Next Always" came out November 1st and of course had to read it as soon as possible.  Never take a book to bed that is unputdownable.  *yawn*    I also discovered Gail Carriger's "Soulless" was also not an easy book to put down.  I'm now looking forward to reading the rest of the Parasol Protector steampunk series.  I did find one book that was putdownable and managed to limit my reading to breakfast, so won't mention the name since it seems it would be an insult to the author.  Nor that it was boring, just not exciting enough. I'm currently reading C.J. Lyons (new to me author) medical mystery "Warning Signs" which is the 2nd book in her Angels of Mercy series. Not sure why I didn't start with the first book, but its good and not having any trouble following.   Sort of unputdownable so saving it as a reward for the afternoons.  Will Power!!!!

ROW80 goal - 1667 words a day for the month of November. Check out how everyone else is doing here Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good luck with the writing. I totally understand why you don't want to get caught up in a unputdownable book.

  2. Good job Robin! I don't blame you for waiting till NaNo is over to feel out Scriv. You've already got more than enough to worry about than to learn a new program on top of it. I've found that I can get the writing done faster and easier if I write long hand. I'm not sure why. Typing it up afterwards is always a pain! I don't blame you if you just say "screw it" on the typing. At least NaNo has that clause you can use :)

  3. I had dabbled with scrivner earlier in the year so have downloaded the nano one - dont know it all but enough to hurl out the words for nano - time to fine tune when I need to retune the story - glad you have a get out clause there - all the best for this week

  4. I love Word, been using it so long it's hard to consider anything else, but I do keep hearing great things about Scrivner. I'll have to check it out sooner or later. Time's just so darned precious.

    Sounds like all is going well.

    I totally agree, a good book is hard to put down, might be a good idea to save some up as a reward for December 1st!

    Sorry for the late check in on your update. I'm so far behind, and don't even have NaNo as an excuse.


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