A to Z title Challenge: L is for Lawless through Out of time

Mini reviews of the books I've read for the A to Z Title Challenge

In L is for Lawless Sue Grafton put her favorite PI Kinsey Milhone through the ringer.  Her landlord asks her for a simple favor - to help his neighbor find the evidence proving his grandfather served in the military so he can be buried with honors.  Sounds easy except Kinsey finds herself flying cross country following a young pregnant woman who took something from the neighbors home.  A fun adventure considering takes place during the 1980's before the advent of internet and cell phones.

Murder in the Marais is Cara Black's debut novel  and the first in a series of now 11 books following the exploits of Private investigator Aimee Leduc in Paris, France.   I discovered Aimee is a feisty chick who jumps into situations fearlessly, throws herself body (literally) and soul into her investigations. Sound like another private eye we know (hint - see above book) *grin*   She isn't afraid of a few bruises and once she's on somebody's trail, doesn't let go.   I was amazed at this character's tenacity. I was exhausted just reading the story.  Paris is more than just the setting, it is also a living breathing character that helps bring the story to life.  

 First time author read for me of Kristin Hannah's Night Road and it was an emotional read.  When young Lexi Baill moves to Port George, Washington, she soon becomes fast friends with Mia and her twin brother and is absorbed into the family.  One night they go to a party and get very drunk.  Unfortunately they decide to not call their mom and drive home thinking it's only a mile or so - what could happen?  Beautifully written and gut wrenching at times, but well worth the read. 

Alton Gansky's Out of Time is one of his J.D. Stanton mysteries.  J.D. takes 5 troubled teenagers of military families out on a week long cruise in hopes of turning their lives around.  They get a lot more than they bargained for when a mysterious storm takes out all the electronics on board.  Then a pre wwII battleship appears out of the fog - with no one on board.  A ghost ship.  Then more weird things start happening.

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