Sunday Salon: October Wrap Up

Doorway to the stars by Josephine Wall
October has been an interesting reading month.   I discovered Nalini Singh Guild Hunter series and explored 17th century England in Iain Pears An Instance of the Fingerpost.  Dipped my toes into Christine Feehan's Dark Series and the world of the Carpathians and thought the characters were way over the top emotional until I read Bram Stoker's Dracula and saw the connection between the two.   I hung out with Eleanor Brown's The Weird Sisters in the town of Barnwell and visited again with Eve Dallas in J.D. Robb's 33rd book in the In Death Series New York to Dallas.   And I chewed my fingernails to the quick as angel Jim in J.R. Ward's Fallen Angel series 3rd book Envy battled evil Devina for yet another soul.    I seem to be on an angel versus demons kick lately.

Plus I finally learned how to properly outline with K.M. Weiland's Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success.Wonderful, wonderful, book with great advice that really hit home and made so much sense and really gave me a kick in the right direction.  Has been really helpful in preparing the story will be writing for Nanowrimo.  It was released at just the perfect time.

As I been working on my characters back stories, I'm getting to know them better and coming up with more ideas for the story.  Still need to get a handle on my Villain and will be working on he and his henchmen for the next couple days. I revised my synopsis and it seems to make more sense now and be a bit intriguing at the same time. 

"Three German shop owners who specialize in repairing antique grandfather clocks have died within 3 months of each other. Homicide Detective Quinton Donovan is positive their deaths are connected. Then he receives reports some of their customer's homes being broken into and clocks stolen or damaged. His investigation leads him to Elizabeth 'Jersey' Lee, an assistant district attorney who is investigating Brian Finnegan, owner of a large microchip design firm and son of one of Boston's prominent rich families for fraud. Jersey and Brian once had a tumultuous relationship which ended badly and now they hate each other. So why were both their  fingerprints found in the clock maker's shop?"
So while I'm partaking in NaNoWriMo, decided that when it comes to reading, I need to find some books that are not unputdownable. I read during breakfast and if the book is too good, then want to continue reading instead of writing. Books are so distracting. *grin*  My Row80 goals will be quite simple for the next month:  1667 words a day.  Anything else will be icing on the cake. 

I have a few scheduled posts (thinking ahead for once) that will be coming up so you won't be bored while I'm writing my little fingers to the bone. (key violin music) Hee Hee! 

Off to carve pumpkins. 

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  1. I just finished two books at that was not unputdownable, one was long the other short. They were both very good but very intricate from a character study and narrative wise.

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot done and well prepped for nano. Best of luck.

  3. Sounds like you've been around the world and then some!!!

  4. Those books sound great; might have to add some to my nook book list! Good luck with NaNo, I am working on last minute prep as well. Good luck this week!

  5. You've been a busy reader!! Sounds like you are pretty well planned for Nano - I'm excited, but nervous. Such a good idea to prep your posts early! I think we're all buddied up now on the Nano site. Look forward to catching up with you later this week!

  6. Nice October! I read a lot of mysteries and paranormal in October and I'm ready to get back to literary fiction for a while.

  7. Looks like you're about ready to rock some NaNo. Good luck!


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