Sunday Salon: Row80 and books galore

I'm almost done with the first draft of Red Thief.  One more chapter to go. Yeah!  Next round will be all about editing.  Not sure which WIP going that is going to be. Hubby wants me to finish Eyes in the Ashes because he likes it the best. Need to figure out the best strategy for me to proceed.  The thought is just scary.  How do I go from a junky first draft full of holes to a polished novel.  To see how everyone else is doing, go here and leave them some encouraging comments.  I've kind of fallen off the good chip lollipop sponsor wagon the past couple weeks and apologize for that.  Nor have I had any time to visit anyone else and I'm missing my peeps.  I've been kind of busy prepping for 6th grade which starts Monday. Which also means will be restricting our online time and staying unplugged during the week til 4:00 in the afternoon.  Will try to catch up with everybody soon. 

I went to Borders today for the very last time. Our store officially closes on Thursday.  I managed to find:  J.T. Ellison's The Immortals, Jordan Dane's The Wrong Side of Dead, Hallie Ephron's Never Tell a Lie, Dan Simmons The Hollow Man, Allison Brennan's Original Sin and Cara Black's Murder in the Palais  Royal.  Plus a non fiction cia book for hubby and all for $22 which is a great deal.  

I finished book # 20 Hit List in the Anita Blake Vampire Series by Laurell K. Hamilton.  Really enjoyed the series and going to dip my toes into her Merry Gentry series starting with A Kiss of Shadows. But first taking a break and reading Julie Lessman's A Heart Revealed.  The 2nd book in her christian romance series Winds of Change.   Seems like I'm going from one extreme to the other - from really steamy to innocent romance.  But I've always had eclectic taste and roam from one genre to the next.   Speaking of roaming, this week is

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

BBAW was started by Amy of My Friend Amy and has become an annual event celebrating reading and book blogging.   There will be giveaways, contests, all kinds of interesting activities including Daily themes about blogging, plus interview swaps between bloggers.  My interview partner is Brianna of The Book Vixen so be sure check my interview with her on Tuesday.  Time slipped away from me otherwise I would have set up some neat giveaways, *pout*   Somebody please send me a roundtuit.  Maybe it'll help.

Happy Reading and Writing!


  1. You picked up some great titles, but so sad to see the stores closing. I really didn't love A Kiss of Shadows, but I've been meaning to give the Anita Blake books a try.

    Enjoy BBAW!

  2. Congratulations on nearing the end, I'm doing prep work before beginning my 2nd draft, it is daunting but I'm sure we will both figure it out.

  3. scary and exciting getting to end - new adventure getting from draft to gem - go girl and all the best for this week


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