Sunday Salon: Education, reading mojo and Row80

Quick Row 80 Update:  Plugging away on WIP Red Thief.  Totally failed with morning pages - haven't been doing them at all.  *sigh*  Want to see how others are doing click here.

Life has gotten in the way this week with birthdays, father getting a cold, plus one of my technician's (who always manages to get whatever illness ten times worse) catching it, resulting in me having to work part of Friday and cover Saturday.  Thank goodness for my other technician who was able to cover and handle things at the shop on Friday afternoon.  I'm also in the midst of planning 6th grade and have been researching curriculum.  

Thought I'd see what the school system is using for science and interestingly enough, they have online textbooks and lessons.  Though James is computer savvy, the one thing he doesn't want to do is lessons online.  He's a have it in front of him, hands on, give me a workbook, type of learner.  Although he loves computer and video games and researches the heck out of them online, the same doesn't go for formal education.  He doesn't equate one with the other and believe me, I've tried.  Telling him, even showing him how to apply how he learns about his games to educational things and suddenly I'm getting the "duh" looks.  The computer is purely pleasure for him and he doesn't want to mix business with pleasure. 

He has to be able to touch it, see it, and feel it.  I'm almost at the point with all the stuff I've collected over the past couple years, that we're going to have an eclectic year, especially with science.  Makes it a bit harder and time consuming to put together, but the ends justify the means. Once I get it all figured out, will post what we will be doing for 6th grade.  

Speaking of James, check out his latest blog story - Yoshi Adventure.  He has quite an imagination. 

The Sunday

Reading wise, I think my decision making mojo has up and gone.  The last few reviews books I've chosen and read, haven't liked.  Centuries of June by Keith Donohue found myself asking what is the point and wanting to skip to the end.  Everything Beautiful Began After by Simon Van Booy ended up skimming half the book.  The point of view switched midpoint to second person point of view - the narrator talking to "you" as the character and totally threw me out of the story. My reviews will up later this week with a bit more detail.   At least my saving grace is Lori Foster - one of my favorite steamy romantic suspense authors.  I received her latest series - The Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor and going to start reading the first book "When You Dare."     Next up in my A to Z challenge by Author is - Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak - and by Title - Night Road by Kristin Hannah

In the quest to read 52 Books in 52 weeks it is book week 32 and highlighting Ralph Waldo Emerson on the 52 Books blog.

Something neat I discovered this week online over at Rachelle Gardner's blog - WordServe Water Cooler.
A new group author blog from Rachelle's Wordserve Literary agency with Jody Hedlund, Karen Witemeyer, Rachelle Gardner, Katie Ganshert.  Be sure to check it out. 

Have a great week and happy reading and writing!


  1. Oh, don't you hate to be disappointed by books you're reading?

    I don't like confusing POV. I don't mind if it goes back and forth between first and third....but not second.

    I'll be sure to check out that group blog.

    Hope you like Night Road. I enjoyed it a lot.

    My ROW 80 was pretty slack this week....


  2. I feel sure you'll get back to the morning pages. Sometimes I've spilled all I can spill in that kind of writing, but then it comes back.

    Good job plugging away on the WIP. Progress is progress; remember that half-full glass!

    I've run into the same thing with some of the books I'm reading to review; it's so disappointing when I don't even want to finish a book.

    Thanks for the tips and the links!
    I hope you have a great week!

  3. You are doing better at your reading challenges than I am. :( Fortunately, I've read some great books lately - INCENDIARY and CLOSE YOUR EYES. Thanks for the link to the author blog!

  4. There's nothing worse than looking forward to a book, only to be let down when you read it. I have such little time for writing these days that I really hate to waste energy on a book that is less than brilliant.
    Sometimes life does get in the way and all we can do is try to work around it. If you didn't get as much done this week as you would have liked, you can always catch up later :)

  5. The anxiety of the bad book bite: I start catching up on my reading and think I'm going to reach the goal and then I read a book that I finally make it to my stopping point (if I can't get into it by chapter six it's a bust)and by then, I've lost momentum. It takes me a couple of weeks to get excited about another book. Grrrr.
    Good luck on your goals with ROW80.

  6. Thanks for the WordServe blog link. I went over, and it looks informative.

    Bad books are depressing, and they affect me for awhile. I always hate to start another book after a bad one. But all it takes is a good book to reboot me. Hope your next one is that book.

    You are busy, busy. I'm impressed. Good luck with the week ahead.

  7. @laurel - I've gotten used to first person pov and enjoy if done well. Never read 2nd person pov before. Too weird.

    @Nancy - yes, the morning pages have a way of drawing me back to them.

    @Karen - those sound good. Will have to check them out.

    @Rebecca - Thanks

    @Doree - it is frustrated when it happens a few times in a row. :(

    @Tia - That's why after a bad book, will read or reread something by favorite author. Saving grace.

  8. Aww, sorry to hear you haven't had a good book in a little while. I've never read Dr Zhivago either, maybe it's time I added it to the TBR pile...
    Your son's story is very cute! Looking forward to see what you guys have planned for Grade 6. As long as Chaos Toad doesn't eat it all up :-)

  9. good luck on the science sounds good - I haven't had time to read as much as I like but being part of two reading groups I have to read at least two a month and we have had some hard going ones lately. I can't bring myself not to finish a book I have started (only 1 in ten years) - have a pile waiting to read - ah time where have you hidden yourself!!?


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