Sunday Salon: The blahs and row 80 check in

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Hubby passed on his cold to James and I so we both have the blahs and have been doing a lot of resting and reading.  James cold settled in his throat but fortunately he hasn't been throwing up.  Usually when he gets sick we end up spending a good amount of time in the bathroom with him hugging the porcelain goddess and of course he needs his mom during that time.   My cold settled in my sinuses and took away most of my energy.  I'm glad this all hit us the past week or two, because we are going on vacation a week from now to Seattle.  Everyone will be on the mend by then and ready to have fun. 

The Sunday

I read Lori Foster's Men who Walked the Edge of Honor series which included "When Your Dare", "Trace of Fever" and "Savor the Danger."   Good good books with the more than handsome alpha males and strong female leads.  Also Kristin Hannah's "Night Road" which was quite the emotional read about love, loss and forgiveness.  I also discovered Lauren Dane and her Chase Brothers series.  Love discovering new authors.  I'm currently reading independent author Claire Farrell's YA paranormal story Verity on my nook.  Love that ROW80 has introduced me to so many new and different authors and I've been slowly reading their stories. Now just need to start reviewing them so you guys can read them too.


I completely failed this week with working on my wip - hard to concentrate with pounding sinuses. (Which is also why there was a lack of commenting on my part)  Though I did think about the story a lot, working it out in my mind and since starting to feel better going to put some concentrated effort into this next week.  To find out how everyone else is fairing, go here.

Book Blogger Appreciation week, hosted by the lovely Amy of My Friend Amy and a bevy of volunteers is coming up September 12 - 16.  They still need volunteers to help out with judging and other things so head on over and don't forget to register and submit your nominations. 

Over at 52 books in 52 weeks it is week # 33 and I'm  highlighting the latest NPR reader poll of their top 100 picks for Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Surprisingly I've read almost half of them.  Click on over and see how many you've read. 

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, the blahs can certainly rob us of our energy! I got a lot done on my WIP this week, but my reading fell by the wayside. I'm struggling with eye allergies (doctor finally gave me eyedrops); that meant, though, that I had to start keeping the sliding glass door closed. No outside air for me!

    I really enjoyed working with the breeze wafting into the room in the mornings, but alas. Not a good plan.


  2. I hope you begin to feel better soon!

  3. Get well soon! I totally sympathize and agree that illness screws up writing. As does stress and emotional turmoil and anything that throws us out of our routine.

    Hope your next week is much better and more productive!

  4. I do hope you feel better soon - sinus can be hell - have my sympathy - try and enjoy not doing much - all the best for the coming week

  5. Lots of people seem to have gotten that pesky summer cold...hope you're all getting better!!!

  6. At least you are thinking over your WIP. That means you are working on it. Maybe not the way you really want to, but it is growing. Speedy recovery.

  7. I hope you and your family are feeling better soon. And that you can get some of those great ideas down in writing.:) Have a wonderful week.

  8. Oh man! It must be the month of the summer cold! I was sick this past weekend as well. Hope you are feeling better soon and good luck on your WIP! Oh, and thanks for mentioning those books--I am adding those to my "cruise reading list" so I have lots to read when I go at the end of September. They all sound great!

  9. Love that there is a book blogger appreciation week!


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