Sunday Salon - May wrap up and row80 check in

Stormy skies and rainbows yesterday enthralled us and kept us entertained for the day.  Plus read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain for my Humanities class.  Realized I had never read it before, because if I had I would have remembered how much I hated it.   Yes, I thoroughly disliked the book.   The constant lying and getting away with the lying and the shenanigans of the Duke and the King and Tom's keeping the secret Jim was free and going through all sorts of machinations with Huck instead of just freeing him.   Between Huck's horrendous behavior and the use of the 'n' word I can see why some high schools and libraries banned the book.   Even if they do come out with a censored version of the book, it is still pretty horrendous.  

May was a mixed bag of reading paranormal and suspense romances and christian contemporary romances with a couple historical fiction novels thrown in for good measure.  

  1. Face of Danger -Roxanne St. Claire (e-book)
  2. Shiver of Fear - Roxanne St. Claire (e-book)
  3. Undertow - Cherry Adair  (e-book)
  4. Treachery in Death - J.D. Robb
  5. Ruthless Games #8 - Christine Feehan
  6. Crimson Wind - Diana Pharaoh Francis
  7. The Best Gift (#1 Sisters and Brides) - Irene Hannon (ebook)
  8. Gift From The Heart (#2 Sisters and Brides) - Irene Hannon (ebook)
  9. The Unexpected Gift (#3 Sisters and Brides) - Irene Hannon (ebook)
  10. Janeology - Karen Harrington
  11. The Preacher's Bride - Jody Hedlund
  12. Kiss the Moon - Carla Neggers
  13. Shadow Game #1 - Christine Feehan (ebook)

Highly recommend The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund, Janeology by Karen Harrington and The Silver Eagle by Ben Kane. All three for different reasons of course, because each is unique in it own right.  I'll also be writing reviews as soon as I can, but class stuff comes first.  I'll be doing a giveaway for The Silver Eagle. Speaking of Giveaways, I'm sending out the books everyone won from my blogoversary on Monday. Thanks for your patience.   

For the A to Z challenge for both author and title, I'm up to the L's.

ROW80 Sunday 6-5 check in  - doing morning pages first thing and plugging away with Red Thief, slowly but surely for half an hour every morning.

It is week 23 in the Read 52 Books in 52 weeks quest and this week I highlighted Virginia Woolf's essay "The Love of Reading."  Very eloquent and educational. Well worth reading.

Have a wonderful week and see you around the blogosphere! 

The Sunday


  1. You read quite a few books in May. Great job! My totals were less than stellar. Hence, no monthly wrap-up posts. *L* I actually liked Huckleberry Finn when I read it for my American Lit. class in college a few years back.

    No worries about the giveaway book. I had a giveaway further back than yours and still haven't mailed them out. I have been so broke for the past two months!

    I'm still doing well with the journaling.

  2. Love the rainbows! I do wish summer would get here, though.

    I don't actually think I've read Huck Finn either. If I did, it was in high school, and, well, I have trouble remembering what I read last year...

    I hope you enjoy your June reading!

  3. I too love the photos!

    You had a great reading month. I really should get back to my monthly wrap-ups -- but I still keep a yearly total. I've been averaging 10 books a month this year, which is pretty good for me.

  4. Wow, that's quite a reading list!

    Huckleberry Finn can be quite offensive, especially by today's standards. But it was written in a different time, and that's how people were. I would NEVER use the "N" word, but it was very common many years ago. I'm glad we've progressed through the years, but we still have a long way to go.

  5. what a lot of reading - well done - I remember liking Huck when I was young - haven't read it for 50 yrs - of course what was acceptable reading then was very different than now - but I still don't think that censorship or rewritting is acceptable either - it was a part of a time and as long as that is understood.

    Myself I found my sense of justice was strengthened and it left me wanting to right wrongs - to be tolerant of others and wanting a fairer world. A book that helped mould my world views for the better.

    All the best for this weeks goals

  6. I also seem to have a strange relationship with Mark Twain. Though I really want to like his books, there is just something unappealing to me about his writing. I keep trying and trying, but all to no avail.

  7. I think you did great with your reading this past month!! Keep plugging away at your book...before you know it you will be done!

  8. @Michelle - You've been a little busy. :)

    @Laura - Me too! Thankfully the blog helps me remember.

    @Beth - 10 a month. Good going.

    @Laura - I know it was all part of the times back then which I have to keep reminded myself while reading it.

    @Alberta - The book has plenty in it to teach kids how not to be, that's for sure.

    @Heather - I can see why now that I've read one of his.

    @Staci - plugging, plugging. :)


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