Sunday Salon: Down to the wire with school and Row 80 Check in

It's coming down to the wire. This week I'll be writing my my final paper for my final class for my Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts degree.  My final project paper is due June 19th and I will be


That's my goal for ROW80 this week.  This round ends June 23rd so go check in and see how everyone else is fairing for the final few days.  

You know what's so great? I've been thinking about it and all the writing I've done for my blogs and working on WIPs, has given me a confidence in myself, that I didn't have back in the early days.   I'm not stressing out or pulling my hair out wondering how I'm going to be able to accomplish this.  I know how to write.  I'm good at it. I love the process and all the research and reading and writing involved.  So if  anyone ever tells you blogging is just a waste of time, send them my way and I'll give them a piece of my mind.  

I'll be checking in through twitter or facebook.  If you see me on twitter, shoo me off to get back to work.  

The Sunday


  1. Congrats on finishing school! - John

  2. Here's to finishing your degree! Congrats. As an educator, I can appreciate your sentiments.....finish strong.
    Have a terrific week. I need to get my self back to work on my novella and that darned typing that looms over my head with the novel.......
    ~ Nadja

  3. Congrats on this part of your education being almost over with!!

  4. Absolutely true, Robin...blogging is writing, too, and it gives us a chance to have some immediate feedback.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Good luck with your final paper Robin!


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