Sunday Salon: Lazing in the sun plus row80 check in.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day and I've spent most of it outside after I finished writing my humanities diversity paper on the differences and similarities between male and female.  Much easier choice rather than going with  straight/gay, enabled/disabled, judeo-christian/muslim or african american/white american.  Have to say I thought I was taking the easy way out, but discovered lots of interesting studies about the male and female brain.  Three more weeks left so I really need to get started on my final project paper about George Bernard Shaw paper.  Eek!  

Speaking of writing, I'm crashing and burning.  You know how everybody says you should write every single day on your WIP or you'll lose momentum.  I seemed to have lost my momentum and working on getting it back.  I'm back to fighting my characters and have written myself into a hole.  In the process of digging my way out.   I can't blame summer vacation because we are still plugging away with home school for another few weeks.   I know what I have to do - put the pedal to metal and push my way through.  

As far as my ROW80 goals are concerned for the remainder of this round, they are going to be concerned with finishing my final project which is due June 19th.  After the 19th, I'll be able to breath a bit and really concentrate on Red Thief.  At this point, the goal is simply to write a little bit on it every day.   I seriously doubt I'll finish the story before the end of the round.  My goal for the this week is to write out a list of things to do and start reading the sources I planned on using.   To see how everyone else is doing and provide them some encouragement, go here.

Oh before I forget, Chris Baty and the Office of Light and Letters has done it.  National Novel Writing Month all year long.  Besides just the official NaNO in November, you'll get to choose the month and go for it.  You can help out by contributing to the NaNoWriMo Camp and Guts Drive.  And once you do, you'll get a nifty web badge: 

Today finally prepared our raised planter (so I don't have to fight the snails),. Father helped me cut the wire mesh cover and figure out how to wire tie it so the cats won't use it as a litter box. The rest of the time we were just sort of hanging out, enjoying the day.

What are you all reading this week?   I just finished The Perfect Poison (arcane society # 6) by Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz.    For class, I'll be reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (seriously) plus comparing two film versions of the story.   The next book up is Ben Kane's The Silver Eagle.  He sent both it (and a copy to giveaway) and the 3rd book in the series "the Road to Road" which came out in March.  I've been meaning to get to it forever and keep saying I'm going to read and it is sitting on the end table next to the couch.  Well forever is now here.  Not reading another dang thing until I get it finished. 

Have a glorious weekend! 
The Sunday


  1. If I had to write everyday or lose my momentum, then I'd have to give up already! It just isn't possible at this point. But writing at all is better than nothing...right?

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  2. I think one could spend forever figuring out the differences/similarities between the male and female brain. My husband has made a hobby of it.

    It certainly is hard getting momentum back. Sometimes, I feel stuck in the mud. I know if I write some, I'll get traction but I might have to spin my wheels for a while.

    Good luck finishing your project!

  3. Oh no -- sorry about the momentum. The good news is the lovely day and the raised bed, which says "life is good" to me.

  4. With all of the other writing you have to do I'm not surprised that you've experienced a bit of a slow me..I would crash and BURN!! I know you'll get back to it especially once your classes are over.

  5. Hang in there, Robin! You'll get there with your WIP. And good luck with your George Bernard Shaw paper. Until last Spring, I was in college majoring in History and English (had to drop out due to student loans capping out) and I had to write papers every semester so I feel your pain! I'm currently trying to get into an online history program. I'm not too far from getting my bachelor's degree.

    I am currently reading A Game of Thrones, Crimson Petal and the White, and John Adams. Hoping to finish Game of Thrones this week.

    Have a great week!

  6. Good luck on your goals! Now that it's summer, maybe just getting outside into the sun will help fuel your creativity :-)

  7. Writing for school and writing a novel at the same time - a lot to tackle. Sometimes there just has to be a break. Hope that you're refreshed and find that you won't have to push so far when you go back. :)

  8. @Laurel - so right. At this point any writing is better than nothing.

    @Katherine. True, just have to keep slogging through.

    @Beth - yep. The beautiful day made up for it.

    @Staci - thanks for the encouragement!

    @Michelle - Thanks. Hope you enjoy Game of Thrones. Enjoyed the book. The tv show, not so much.

    @Deniz - Yes, sunshine should do it.

    @Cathryn - Yes, I know. Just have to balance it out. Some things take precedence over the other. Thanks for dropping by.


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