WIP Wednesday - Interrupted by Notes from the Universe

The universe is telling me today - to read, to sit, to ponder, to think, to just be.  Especially when Nora Roberts releases a new book into the universe.  Life stops when one of her books arrives.  

Chasing Fire

I think the problem with my reading life lately. I needed a Nora fix. *sigh*
Plus I received this note from the universe this morning

Robin, it's the way you think. That's your purpose. It's never been about what work you choose, what gifts you develop, or what niche you fill - let these be for your pleasure.

Think as only you can think, which will lead to feelings that only you can feel, from which connections will be made, lives will be changed, and worlds will come tumbling into existence.

    The Universe

Not much to report on the ROW80 front. Check out everyone else's progress here

Happy Writing and Reading!


  1. Go for Nora!! I turn to fun light cozy mysteries -- and sometimes that's just the perfect reading.

  2. Yes...sounds like a perfect time out!

  3. Reading TOTALLY counts as productivity when you're a writer.

    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  4. I like how you think! My universe is always telling me to take time out to read. My husband wishes I lived in another universe!

  5. Robin, I'm taking this as a totally inspirational message to me as well. What better escape than a Nora Roberts new release. I like the way your Universe talks.

  6. heh I wish the universe would send ME a nice, concise note telling me what to do; life would be so much easier XD
    I think reading is so important for writers, as it gives us the chance to study the craft of others. I love when my favourite authors bring out a new book, but they always come out when I have a lot of homework due :(


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