WIP Wednesday: gaining momentum

I'm plugging away and trying something new.  I read about Morning Pages on Better Writing Habits and thought I'd give it a try.  The theory is you're supposed to have pen and notebook by your bed and upon waking up, write three stream of consciousness pages before starting your day.  That doesn't exactly work quite so well in my household.  Upon waking up, I have four cats demanding attention and to be fed. So instead, I feed the cats, fix my breakfast (and James if he happens to decide to get up with me) and write while eating, instead of reading my email.  Once breakfast and morning pages are completed, which is generally simultaneously, I curl up on my comfy couch in the living room to write and work on my current WIP.   My son quite happily does his thing on his computer, leaving me to write until hubby gets up.  I usually manage to get an half hour or so of writing in.

The stream of consciousness thing is interesting as I generally don't have a whole lot to complain about or at least try not to. Tapping into that part of my brain meets with a blank more often than not. I end up writing about whatever comes to mind and its random, disjointed, no eloquence to it at all. Bippity, Boppity Boo, sort of thing with my wondering  "Hello. Anybody home?"

Anyway, the benefits are clarity, focus, less negativity and complaining (perhaps I should get my hubby and son to do this), you'll start taking action, problem solving, increased creativity and hopefully unblocked.  

Is it working?  I guess so.  At least it's keeping me off the internet until writing is done for the morning, which is a good thing.  In fact, it's helped me to start writing a to do list in the mornings and once everything is done, then I'm free to browse and blog.  It's knocked my internet time down considerable. Hence I'm typing this at 5:00 in the afternoon before fixing dinner.  It's even got me writing my blog posts by hand.  I've acquired notebooks for several different things and just treated myself to a moleskine.  *grin*

I finally printed out and read the first part of Red Thief, marking it up with my trusty pen.  My next step is to make the changes that were driving me crazy.  Such as giving everyone full names.  But you know what  I noticed in Anna Karenina?  Full names!   First and last, the majority of the book, except when the characters were involved in conversation. Well, even then too in some parts.  Hmm! 

My goals for the next week are:

1) morning pages every morning
2) Complete name edit changes
3) Write one page a day 
4) Make time to type up handwritten pages.  
5) Write up blog post - review of Anna Karenina

 How are you doing with your goals?  Click here to see how everyone else is doing?


  1. Yes, names are important. Usually for me, first names are easy (probably because they're so personal), last names are hard.

    Also, it's your chance to influence the way people peceive the names you choose in your novel. Ah, the power . .

  2. I like the morning pages goal. I've heard of authors stressing the need to write something new everyday. Not as easy for me with my work schedule, but something shoot for.

  3. The morning pages goal is something new to me. I can't wait to see how it works out for you! Wishing you a great and productive week!

  4. I can't do the morning pages. The dark side comes out and I can't stuff her back in. :( The journaling course is helping. I think because it's guided. And trust me, guidance is needed for me...lol.

    You are doing wonderful. Love the derby pics too! (From the other post.)

  5. @cm - good point.

    @andrew and Dawn - the morning pages are interesting and kind of evolving.

    @365andme - I'm trying to avoid the dark side. Turning more into journaling at this point. May have to check out the journal thing you are doing.


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