Pinewood Derby 2011 - My guys did it again!!!!

2011 Pinewood Derby

My guys did it again. Father came in first in the Family and Friends race and his car kicked but.  James came in first in the Webelos race and second overall. It was so close.  River, a little Tiger cub, his car  came in at 2.542 and James at 2.543.  Woozer.   This year James made a Luigi car.  His car last year was Mario.  It was simply amazing.   He started chanting Luigi for his car to win and had all 9 kids who were in the final race started chanting for his car as well.  Father and I looked at each other - they were cheering for his car while racing him.  What a kid!

race track

Dad's best time - 2.478

The red racer

Proud but tired papa with the Old Timer's Award
Webelos Race

Doing a happy dance!

You did it, man!   Happy Webelos!
Overall race - So close - 2.542 to 2.543

Happy and Proud  - River 1st, James 2nd, David 3rd 

It'sa me - Luigi! 


  1. Love the Luigi car :-) Looks like a great day!

  2. That's awesome! Love the Luigi car. :)

  3. What fun and congrats to the boys in your family. Way to go!

    [note, word verification for this comment is "Porshed" -- too funny]

  4. @KLo Thanks, they put a lot of work into their cars.

    @Monica - James will be glad to hear it.

    @Beth - porshed - how appropriate. thanks.

  5. Glad they had a great run this year again! Kiddo's car was better than last year but still not good enough to win at his Derby ... but it's still a lot of fun to prepare for!


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