Cub Scouting's Highest award - Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light 

Friday night James along with four other boys in his den received cub scouting's highest honor, the Arrow of Light.   His den leader personally made all the awards for the boys. 

From the Arrow of Light ceremony: 

The colored bands honor your individual ranks and achievements. Orange is for Tiger; Blue for Bobcat; Red for Wolf; Green for Bear; Silver and Gold for Arrow Points; Brown for Webelos; White  is for the Readyman Activity Badge; Purple is for the Citizen Activity Badge; Black for the Fitness Activity Badge; 5 Tan stripes are for the Activity Badge for the Arrow-of-Light Honor and the band of Yellow represents the Arrow of Light Award. 

But the parts of the arrow itself hold special significance, too.

The three feathers symbolize the family, the pack leadership and the scout.  Everyone has worked together to help you grow into a fine young man.  May you always fly straight and true to the mark.  These feathers in turn are joined by the blue and gold crests of Cub Scouting.  The blue crest stands for faith and loyalty, as deep and as true as the vast expanse of the sky above us.  May you always be faithful and loyal.  The gold crest stands for warmth and good cheer, like the golden rays of the sun.  May you always be of good cheer.  The arrowhead represents courage and strength, like the stone from which it is crafted.  May you always be courageous and strong.

The shaft of the arrow, fashioned from the hardest wood, stands for honesty and fairness.  May you always be truthful, and straight as the arrow.  The lashing that holds the arrowhead to the shaft represents the friendship that has bound us together in scouting, and will bind us together in memory.

Proud boys and parents 

Checking out the Arrow
Receiving Arrows

Proud and Happy Boys with Den Chiefs

James with his Den Chief and Eagle Scout

The highlight of the evening

We are very proud of James and all the work he put into getting his Arrow of light. 


  1. This is such a wonderful accomplishment ! Please pass on my congratulations!!!

  2. Wow! How fabulous. James should feel as proud of himself as his parents feel of him. Congratulations.


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