Posts to ponder while I'm in the midst of a planning, plotting and pondering

I'm in the midst of planning, plotting and pondering and thought I'd share a few posts discovered in my meanderings about the blogosphere.  Yep, we'll just call it research.  *grin*  

From my favorite group mystery author blog - Murderati, J.T. Elison's  If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It. Which is a lovely reminder I need right now, because my new laptop is about to arrive which has Windows 7 and lovely new widgets to explore. I'll have to restrain myself from playing and exploring until after I gotten my 1600 words written for the day.

Thanks to K.M Weiland, I found The Heart and Craft of Life Writing with Sharon Lippincott.   She has this nifty widget, Life Writing Tip of the Day that I've added to my sidebar.  But most of all,  many posts that make you think.   And also Amber Starfire (don't you love her name) Writing Through Life. Both well worth checking out.

Allison Brennan, you gotta love her.   As we all know THE election is coming up November 2nd and everyone is encouraging everyone to vote.  Amidst the mail fliers and computer generated calls and political commercials, she brings a bit of sanity with her post And First Do No Harm to the process.  Yes, it is important to vote.  But don't just blindly vote to vote.  Give it some thought, do your research and vote with confidence.

Do you follow the Lipstick Chronicles?  Another great group author site that I've discovered.  Diane Chamberlain's post about eavesdropping from her chair at Starbucks "Overheard At The Opium Den" makes me want to check out my local coffee shop.  

Three more days til NaNoWriMo.  Are you ready?  Let me know if you are participating and we'll cheer each other to the finish line.   My handle on the site - mytwoblessings.


  1. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo!! I admire anyone that can put together a cohesive and coherent paragraph!! I'm no good at that sort of thing!!


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