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Wannabe Writers is the brain child of Sarah at Confessions of the Un-published and is a writing group for the un-published and anyone is welcome to join. It's a place where future authors can ask questions, share stories, and get feedback. Click (here) to find more about how it works.

Where I am in the Writing Process:  Still working on the first draft of Eyes in the Ashes.  I have to type up 15 pages I wrote previously before taking a break and then will continue the story.  Sarah is doing a 50k in 50 days starting July 12th and running through August 31st.  This time I'm going to concentrate on finishing the story during that period of time.  I went back and took a look at my first two WIP's and they need lots of work. Lots.    And I have an idea for the Notes from Underground contest by Literary Labs so will be working on it as well.

My current problem: Summertime.  Procrastination. The internet. I happen to come across this old article on the internet: Is google making us stupid. Read it, then come back. It's rather long but well worth the read.

Done and  you remembered to come back.  Welcome back!  Then it was also mentioned in my current Bookmarks Magazine in the letter from the editor. God or coincidence.  When something like that happens, it catches my attention.   I've noticed my attention span seems to be getting short and splintered.   get distracted easily on the internet, hopping from site to site and before you know it, I forgot what my original intention was in the first place.  So, once again going to try and limit my time.  Less surfing = more writing.  Yesterday Elana had a wonderful post (when has she ever had a dud post - never) about writing and she asked us to pinky swear we would work on our WIP's and write this weekend.   I pinky swore I'd write an hour of day.  How about you? 

Sarah's question of the week:   Do you carry a writing journal around? Do you believe jotting down the ideas as they come is the best way? I mean if I don't get it all out now will it be lost forever?

I haven't been and it would probably be a good idea.  My memory isn't as good as it used to be and I'll think of a wonderful idea and then end up racking my brain later trying to think of it. Then I end up going through the alphabet.  You know, the old mnemonic device that helps you remember.  Works most of the time.  I really need to start carrying around a notebook....


  1. Is google making us stupid? I think this goes with the same question they asked many years ago about the TV.

    When I cleaned out my office, I threw away my thesaurus because there was a better one online. I no longer need research books because most of what I can find is online. Oh! And you can travel to places, I mean actually travel through the internet thanks to google maps.

    Google has been a great asset to my kids and their learning. So has TV, so I am pro-google. ;)

    The defective one in this is people. There are great tools out there to use. It can benefit those who want it to. Many are too stupid to see that though.

    Hope that makes sense...and doesn't sound too snotty.

  2. "Is Google making us stupid" is a good question. I think it has it's pros and cons. I mean, I do notice I have as shorter attention span, but some things are easier to find. I don't get rid of books, tho. There's something about having the actually book. Maybe it's just me, lol! If work on not getting distracted, Google can be very helpful.

    And as far as writing journals are concerned, I usually have my Blackberry, so when ideas come to me (in weird places sometimes), I can type it fast.

  3. Wow, never thought about Google making us stupid. I completely understand the distraction though.

    Have a great week!

  4. Ha! That article was great. Scary great. I use google a lot. Oy. Normally I have a little notebook in my purse but of course yesterday I was out without my purse when I got a killer idea. Not just the idea but like the first two pages bam! I had to bum paper and pen off someone and wrote like a maniac trying to get it all down. Needless to say I won't forget my notebook from now on!

  5. I'll have to check out that article. I do feel that I spend (waste) a lot of time on the computer, but I vowed this summer that I would only get on early morning and after 9 pm and so far I've managed to do just that. I've finished 3 books in 3 days and don't miss watching the t.v. at all!!

  6. I've got the article printed out but haven't read it yet. I think the internet is definitely a blessing as well as a curse for me.

  7. J Kaye: No you don't sound snotty at all. Google and the internet are great tools, no doubt about it. I spend half my time on the internet working, playing, researching, etc. Dictionary.com is my friend. The point the author was making about focus and distractions - me to the T. Something that I've noticed and need to work on. I don't think the author was ditzing google itself.

    Rae: No doubt about it,the internet has made research easier without having to go to the library. Google definitely has it's pros and cons. I don't have to go to the library to do research anymore and dictionary.com is write at my fingertips. Some days I just have to work at staying focused because there are so many rabbit trails to follow.

    J.L: Thanks for dropping by. I think the title was misleading but it certainly captured my attention. I don't think people would have read an article that was titled how the internet is causing me to lose focus and get distracted. Not as much of a punch. :)

    Ali: Same here, I will definitely keep a notebook in my purse from now on.

    Staci: Yep, I'm contemplating a light blogging summer and limiting my time online. Easier said than done. :)

    Kathleen: I agree, the internet blessing and curse.

  8. thanks for sharing the article. I believe it is true - I am much less likely to stick with a book I've started these days, if it doesn't immediately grab my attention and HOLD IT - than I used to be.

    In fact, I skimmed most of that article, which made me wonder if I could even force myself to sit still and read the whole thing word for word.

    Then again, in my case, it might be partially due to the deluge of information on the internet, or it might be just my crazy busy schedule, so little time for myself any more that I have to be really picky and choosy about what I take the time to read!

    great food for thought though

  9. I think the internet is definitely a blessing as well as a curse for me.
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  10. Summer is very hard for me with writing because the kids are home and it's so hot! Mybrain just isn't what it should be then.

  11. Margo - I like to attribute it to getting older. I started to skim the article too, then realized what I was doing and took the time to read it.

    Nishant - hmm!

    Amanda - kids and heat! Understand completely.


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