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Where I am at in the Writing Process:   I'm currently having a Mwaahaaahaaa moment in Eyes in the Ashes.   My prime suspect just got killed off by a mystery person who is setting up someone else to take the fall. The story is moving along and I managed to write 3270 words in the past week.  I started the 50,000 words in 50 days a week late, so have some catching up to do. 

My Current Problem:  One is getting distracted from working on the novel every single day.   I did manage to write 4 out of the 7 days last week.  I made some major progress with the story so those days were very productive writing days.  I'd like to get back to writing seven days a week, so going an attempt to get up an hour earlier, since I've finally adjusted to the time change.  My other current problem:  Not admitting to myself I wanted to be published  and convincing myself that I won't be in comparison to all the experienced writers out there.  I got a good kick in the seat of my pants with  Elena's post "Just Admit it."  In a nutshell:

"Why is it so hard for us to admit to ourselves that we want something? Are we trying to avoid selfishness? Do we think we don't deserve it?...   Sometimes it's this fear of admitting that we want something that holds us back the most."

It made me realize that I fear to say I want it for fear of failure. I've always hated thinking out loud and saying what I truly want. Don't know why that is. Maybe because it's a commitment, maybe it's lack of confidence. It's been holding me back - so I'll admit it. I do want to be published, see my name on the front of the book cover. Be giddy with the knowledge that I wrote that.

Sarah's question of the week:  "Writing Romance? How to develop a relationship out of thin air and make it believable? (And not just lust)."   Study the successful romance authors.  One of the best I think is Nora Roberts. Read a few of her trilogies such as The Quinn Brothers, The Key Trilogy, The Irish Trilogy or the series that made me fall in love with her writing - The MacGregor's.    Look at how she develops the relationships of her characters.  By the end of each story, you'll have fallen in love with the characters yourself.

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  1. thanks for the tips with Nora Roberts. I bet my mom has all of those. (And I'm going to see her on Monday)

  2. Never read Nora Roberts, but studying what works is a great tip. =]

  3. Totally agree about the seven days a week. The 50,000/50 has helped me. If not for that, I'd be working on my novel, but not necessarily writing. I think Sarah is on to something.

  4. Glad you're learning to get over your fear. That's a big block in writing. :)

  5. Fear of failure and lack of confidence... I think we all go through it at times. See the published work and keep moving towards it! = )

  6. Wow... that post was very eye opening. I have always wanted to see my name on a book but that just drives me and fuels me up.


  7. I had to confront my fears and the desire to write a few weeks ago. Acknowledging my feelings was very liberating and an important step in developing consistency in my efforts. It's also a confidence booster as well. Thanks for the tip on Nora. I haven't read her work, but I'm always on the lookout for great resources. Good luck in the week to come!

  8. I'm having this problem too. I want to see my book on a bookshelf somewhere SO MUCH, but it's scary to try and reach for it. What if I fail?

    And that's when I tell myself: So what? You fail anyway if you wanted to try but didn't because you were scared.

    Keep working toward your goal! It's worth it. :-)


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