Friday framble!


Yes, it's a Friday framble.   It was going to be Work In Progress Wednesday, then Wednesday turned to Thursday thunk it, but before I knew it - here we are. Friday.    Last Wednesday, if you'll recall was Ash Wednesday.   I made a few Lenten promises to myself to do several things, including writing a 1000 words a day on Eyes in the Ashes.  I'm holding myself accountable so here's the good, bad and the fugly.   

Last Thursday, the day after Ash Wednesday,  woke up with a sore throat which then turned into a full bore, nose clogged, mushy brained and hacking my head off cold which left me sounding like Lauren Bacall.   Hubby thinks I sound sexy.   So, instead of continuing the story because my brain and the story was just not connecting,  I started rereading it and editing.  Yep, I know. Some folks say not to edit til you gotten the first draft finished, other's edit as they go along.  Still haven't figured out which is the better process for me yet.    

I love the story, but it needs work of course.   I cleaned up the messy bits which I have to attribute to nanowrimo and needed to be eliminated.  In the process, I cut about 1400 words and discovered some continuity problems.  I've been working on an outline of what I have so far, plus writing up a list of my characters.  Time to fill out some more character sheets  - too bad our printer doesn't work since we upgraded our internet and went totally wireless.  Any suggestions for a wireless printer, ya'll.  I digress.

Finally provided minor characters who were nameless with names (wasn't that nice of me) and making notes on who needs to be given a life (He's alive!) versus who is just a sub sub character and is just making a minor appearance.  Though a couple of characters I thought should be minor are waving their hands at me vigorously for attention.   I am still trying to figure out who the head honcho villian in charge of the smuggling ring is that has surfaced.   I already turned one character, who we thought was a good guy, into a bad guy.  Well,  he actually surprised me while writing and said I want to go in that direction so I let him.  The sneak!   It's one of those rubbing your hands with glee moments as you say "ahah."  

So, brainstorming and will be adding in a few scenes to help the story along and hopefully by the time I get those done, then will be ready to finish writing the rest of the story.  For some reason, I was blocked and just couldn't get back into finishing the story.  Now I know why after reviewing the story.    Sometimes colds are a blessings.  Sometimes they are just a pain in the.....


  1. I loved your depiction of your characters ... the minor ones that got names, the nameless ones waving for attention ...

    It made me remember my first attempt at a novel. It was quite pathetic and mercifully ended unfinished. However, there was a character stuck in there, a character named after a guy who was a hard-core inside joke between my siblings and I, and he was originally supposed to be this pop-in homage to my sister and brother ... and he became the MC of my first real novel.

    Sometimes characters are insistent on you bringing them to life. It's odd, really : )

    Sorry about the rambling tangent.

  2. I love that your characters are talking to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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