Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Bloggiesta Wrap Up!

I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I wanted to. This weekend was my Saturday to work at the shop and Sunday I spent most of the day working on my Art History homework. I sort of left it until the last minute and between that, grocery shopping, laundry, hubby and son wanting attention and life in general I didn't have a whole lot of time.

What I did accomplish:

Updated my header and color coordinated the rest of the blog to match.  Don't expect it to stay the same for the rest of 2010.  Just like I used to change the furniture around every couple months, I'll be updating the header every couple months. 

I updated several posts for the Linkbar including

Everything Science Fiction - It is where you'll find all my science fiction challenges such as Mind Voyages, 42 Challenge, Fantasy Reading, Sci Fi Experience, Speculative Fiction Challenge and Take a Dare challenge.

Challenges - which are all the rest of my challenges

2010 book reviews - where I will list all the books I read and/or review

My Nightstand - currently lists all the books I have in my possession broken down by review requests and my books.  I really really really don't need to buy any more books for a while.

About me - which is basically all about Moi!

I updated my blog roll in the side bar and reader, but still have some refining to do there.  Ran My Two Blessings through the website grader and scored an 87.  Not to bad.  I don't have any meta tags so I'll be working on adding those.  There are other suggestions I'll be looking into as well.  There is so much more I need to do so will be working on it gradually, giving myself a goal for each week to take care of.   One thing I did decide on is a blogging schedule.  It is practically impossible for me to keep up everyday with writing posts, reading posts and commenting without spending hours on the internet.  The plan this year is to limit my internet time in order to get other things accomplished.

So, I am actually setting up a blogging / posting schedule. It may mean I comment a little less or I don't get to your blogs but once a week, but I'll be around and will eventually get there.    Since I work two days a week, won't be posting on those days, but will be limiting browsing time to lunch and dinner breaks on those days. 

Monday - Semi Unplugged 
Tuesday - blog administrative days
Wednesday -  My Two Blessings posts
Thursday - Semi Unplugged
Friday - My Two Blessings posts
Saturday - 52 Books in 52 Weeks weekly post
Sunday - Mind Voyages weekly post

If I had the time, I would prewrite lots of posts, but don't find myself with the extra time to do so.  Besides, I'm a spur of the moment, interesting thought came to me in the middle of the night spontaneous poster.... which is why I hate setting up a schedule.  So, yes there will be some deviation.  I still need to work on arranging for guest posts for my two challenges.  I actually have two book tours coming up here on My Two Blessings:  one TLC book tour January 21st for The Forgotten Legion and one in March for Double Eagle by Sneed Collard.  So some interesting things in the works.

Thank you for Natasha of Maws Book Blog for hosting Bloggiesta.   Everyone involved had some really great suggestions which really inspired my old gray matter cells to come up with a number of things to work on and think about. 

Click on over to Natasha's to see what every one else accomplished. 


  1. It looks amazing! I did this, but I forgot to sign up. Oh, well!

  2. Good job! I think you accomplished a lot, especially considering all the RL things you had to do.

  3. Wow, you got a lot accomplished! Congrats! I was thrilled to come across your blog through the Bloggiesta participants list (I love the header pic) and look forward to more 'moving the furniture'. :-P


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