I'm 18,263 days old today!

Yep. 18,263 days old


I think it is

Fine Fantastic Fabulous Fitting and first class

I will celebrate it with

Flare Fun frivolity and flash

I will live it with

familiarity flexibility fluency and fancy free

I refuse to bow down to

Fatalism fury foreboding or funks

Fifty is freedom

to be me, to make of it what I will

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.
Jean Paul Richter


  1. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday, dear Robin,
    Happy birthday to you!
    Have an awesome day filled with love and books :-)


  2. Wishing you a blessed birthday and a blessed coming year, Robin.

  3. I hope you had a fabulous 50th birthday!

  4. Happy, happy day!!! Live is just barely beginning. So far, I'm loving my 50s.

  5. Hope your birthday was wonderful beautiful lady!!!

  6. I know I'm a few days late but - Happy Birthday to you. Hope your day was all you wanted it to be.

  7. (Aaaah! I missed your birthday! *flails*)

    Happy belated birthday, hun! I hope you've had a fantastic day! *hugs* May many, many more years find you and may the coming year treat you as wonderfully and marvellously as you deserve, sweetie!


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