Weekly Report # 6

The week went well and we are still working our way up to a full schedule. What we accomplished:

Faith, Character and Catechism:

Boyhood and Beyond: James and Father read Where Do I Belong and Mr. Industry vs. Mr. Sloth.

"Every day you have the desire to be industrious. Every day you have the desire to be slothful. Some days one desire is stronger than the other. The desires you follow determine the man you will become." pg 92

St Joseph Baltimore Catechism: # 5 Creation and Fall of Man; Bible History Cain and Abel and Matthew 5 the Beatitudes. All lead to some interesting discussions.

Math: Completed Lessons 15 through 18.

Voyages in English: Lesson 4 writing skills pertaining to personal narrations and focused on Compound Predicates and Direct Objects.

Spelling: Lesson 4 Hard and Soft c & g. James scored 18 out of 20 on test.

Writing with Ease: Lesson 20 - concentrating on identifying narrative thread in excerpts from Alexander the Great and his Horse. James has no problem taking dictation.

History: This Country of Our Chapter 29 Founding of Connecticut and War with the Indians. Even the Indians were at war with one another. But after this particular skirmish, peace for 5 years or so.

Science: In Physics read and discussed all about Simple machines. In Isaac Newton Chapter 2 and all about his study at Cambridge. James and Father did a lever experiment using 2 4 x 4's.

Reading: James and Father reading the Bard of Avon together and learning all about Shakespeare.

We didn't get to Art or Latin this week. Don't know what happened to our days but they seem to have gotten away from us.

Last Saturday we participating in the Boy Scouts California Capital March. Unfortunately Schwarzenegger didn't show up. No sure what happened. His staff must have double booked him because instead of addressing the Boy Scouts, he spoke at a NAACP conference. The boys and parents were all disappointed but the Lt. Governor, John Garamendi spoke and he was quite eloquent.

Getting it together

The walk there

Lots of people

Entrance to the Event

Father and James

The kids were exhausted but did good. Resting while waiting for the speeches to start.


  1. Even though the Arnold wasn't there it looks like the boys still had a great time!! Very cool for sure :)

  2. I just read your new disclaimer!! What a hoot!! I love it!


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