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Well, I was right - James has an ear infection. He is now taking Amoxicillin and after a day of being on that and giving him pediatlye, he is now keeping all food and liquids down. Yeah! He still doesn't want to drink any milk and my usually very talkative kid is quietly amusing himself on the computer. I've decided to delay starting lessons for another week, which is just fine. Gives me more time to schedule things out a bit more and find a few more interesting books for him to read.

In the meantime, I've been going some of my boxes of books and pulled out a few to revisit, plus decided what going to be reading for the Fall Reading Challenge. My theme will be chunksters this year and will limit it to 6 books. I'm also slowly adding some of those unread books we inherited from John's mom on to the reading list. In the meantime I came across a fun little book meme floating around the blogosphere.

Using only the book you have read for 2009, answer the following questions. Try not to repeat any of the titles.

Describe yourself:
Iron Kissed

How do you feel: 14

Describe where you currently live: Paradise Valley

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? The Inn at Eagle Point

Your favorite form of transportation: On a Pale Horse

Your best friend is: The Girl She Used to Be

You and your friends are: A Circle of Souls

What’s the weather like: Fire and Ice

You fear: Dangerous Depths

What is the best advice you have to give: The Shape of Mercy

Thought for the day: Whisper No Lies

How I would like to die: Split Second

My soul’s present condition: Fireproof

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