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Writer Face Off

Writer Face Off

There are writers that some people either love or dislike. No happy in between. This month I am pitting two writers against each other and trying to determine what the hoopla is all about. There are two writers that instantly come to mind. Join me in a writer face off between

James Patterson and Stephen King

I've only read one book by James Patterson which was 1st to Die. I'm not sure it really represented his work, so going to give him another chance. The only book I've read by Stephen King is his nonfiction "On Writing." I've recently picked up "Duma Key" and will be reading it within the next week or so. But for a face off to be truly genuine, it requires several samples from each author.

I'm in the midst of picking out other books to read by James Patterson. Books suggested so far are "Along Came A Spider," "When the Wind Blows," and "The Lake House." (Thanks - Nise) Any others you would suggest?

What books would you suggest that best represents Stephen King?


  1. I would read the early stuff by King. I have not liked much of his newer works at all. As for Patterson I almost always only read the Alex Cross books and will never stop reading them.

  2. I'm not really versed in Stephen King, but I did recently read and review his famous novel, The Stand. It was really pretty good, and didn't scare me too much. Since reading it, I've picked up on a lot more of the "cultural references" floating around that come about from King's works.

  3. Uh-oh. I just picked up 1st To Die. Was it bad? I've never read Patterson before.

    The only Stephen King book I've ever read was The Stand.

  4. I think you should read The Shining by Stephen King.


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