Weekly Report #30 - 6/1 to 6/5

Shhhh! Can you hear that? It is complete and utter silence. For the first time in years, I have the whole house to myself for a night. Father and James have gone on their first ever solo overnight camp out and it is the first over nighter with his cub scout pack. We have spent the week gathering the gear, checking out the tent and James practicing putting it up, buying new sleeping bags and camp paraphanlia. We had a huge thunderstorm Wednesday night and it's been threatening to rain, but the dark clouds have passed over. They've only called once so far, but I'm sure I'll hear from them several time over the next 24 hours. I may not sleep much, since I can't sleep without Father home, but I have a good movie and plenty of books to keep me occupied.

What did we accomplish this week besides getting ready for the camp out.

Explorer Bible Study: Lesson 13 The Birth of Ishmael and the Covenant. Genesis 16 and 17. The establishment of the covenant with the newly named Abraham and Sarah and the Lord's plans for Sarah's maid and her offspring.

Voyages in English: Almost done with section 8 about diagramming. It is more of preview of things to come so not placing too much emphasis on it. Completed 8.5 through 8.8.

Spelling: Lesson 28 - worked on words spellings with /ch/, /hw/ and /h/ sounds. James did an excellent job of completing most of the lesson by himself. Just missed a couple words on the test, mixing up witch with which.

Cursive: Progressing nicely. What else can I say about handwriting. He is doing very well, but still likes to print everything when he is writing stories.

Writing with Ease: Week 13. Still working on identifying central details in a description. The excerpts were from "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton.

: Alternating between double digit addition and subtraction. Watched james breeze through the subtraction without having to count on his fingers. Seemed to figure them out with a snap. Awesome.

Science: He and Father finished reading the last three chapters in Galen. They read about "Making Synthetic Materials" in Dk Chemistry book. Father had James help him with electronic stuff while working on his microphone preamp.

History: Read Chapter XXII in This Country of Ours - "Story of the Pilgrim Fathers." Story of the Pilgrims, the mayflower and meeting Samoset and Squanto.

Other stuff: James read the junior novel of "Monsters Versus Aliens" plus "Good Times Travel Agency: Adventures with The Vikings" to me, among other things. He also wrote up and posted three short stories for his Godzilla blog. He was having a no technology week because watching Godzilla movies everyday causes an argumentative, bad attitude after a while. We are going to back it down to once a week. I had forgotten this had happened once before and it was due to watching the movies every day. He detoxed and calmed down with no TV and Internet access, and limited Wii usage. Good attitude was rewarded with a Wii session of Mario Kart racing with me. I'm getting tired of coming in 2nd, though. Maybe I'll practice a bit while he's at the camp out. :)


  1. I laughed out loud at you practicing Mario tonight!! That totally sounds like something I would do!!! Enjoy your silent house!


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