Work In Progress Wednesday

I didn't make as much progress this week as I wanted. Distractions abounded and only wrote about 1300 words. Finished one chapter, but I keep wanting to add to it or change it. Slaps hand. Don't edit, just keep going. I think what's been hooking me up is even though this is a major rewrite, keep thinking I should edit along the way. I realize it isn't going to be perfect and will be going through few more edit runs. I should probably treat this as the first draft of new story, even though I'm pulling elements in from the original.

How much information is too much information when characters are meeting for the first time? I'm trying to figure out whether Samantha should remain somewhat of a mystery to Ben or be more forthright. He has some preconceived notions about her and his brother. She really feels like setting him straight on a few things, but how much is too much? Which will move the story forward -- demystifying the role his brother has played in her life, or keeping the mystery and forcing the brothers to have a serious talk.

I'm brainstorming as I write this and thinking that she should tell him just enough to let him know he is wrong, but not give all details so he has to talk to his brother about it. Thank you. Sometimes it just helps to think out loud. My husband does this a lot. He'll start thinking out loud, trying to figure out a electronic doohicky problem using me as a sounding board. This gets quite interesting, especially when it goes over my head. It leads to the conundrum- do I want to ask questions which will lead to (pardon the analogy - its the best I could come up with) an explanation of the theory of golf, rather just telling me to put the ball on the tee. Or just let him talk it out. Genuises - make life interesting. But I digress.

The writing process. I've been reading various blogs this past week and what stuck out this week was Rachelle Gardner's "First Things First - Don't put the cart before the horse" post. One thing she said is

"There are seasons in a writer's life: Seasons for focusing on the art and craft of writing, and seasons for focusing on the business of writing. And seasons where it's appropriate to spend time on both."

Made me think about where I am in the writing process and the most important thing for me to do right now, is concentrate on writing. I'm not anywhere even close to the thinking about getting published. She mentions in her post it is more important to focus on writing and learn the craft, which I wholeheartedly agree with. As she so aptly puts it - I am still a freshman writer. I like that term. Which means I still have a lot to learn.

What have you learned today?

If you'd like to see what progress others have made or want to participate in WIP Wednesday, head on over to Kate's.


  1. 1300 words is great progress! And I know what you mean about trying to figure out how much to reveal and leave hidden when characters first meet - I struggle with this all the time too!

  2. I'm bad about editing myself while I'm trying to journal...keep writing!! You're doing amazing :)


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