Weekly Report # 28 - 5/11 to 5/15

Another week down and only 8 more to go. We are in the midst of a mini heat wave and temps should cool back down for a little bit. Just a precursor of what the summer is going to be like.

Explorer Bible Study: Lesson 11 Genesis 13-14 Abram and Lot separate. Abram decides to separate from Lot and Lot of course chooses the best land. The 5 kings from the Valley of Siddim and the four kings from the East join in battle.

Voyages in English: Finished up Section 7 in which James learned about direct quotations and where to place quote marks. Next week on to diagramming. That should be interesting.

Spelling Workout: Lesson 26 /oi/ and /ou/ sounds James is getting better at distinguishing between the sounds and the spellings. Got 18 out of 20 words correct.

Writing with Ease: Week 11 identifying central details in a description. The excerpts were from the original 101 dalmations. James has only heard the disney version so interesting to read excerpts from the original. I realized I hadn't read the original version myself, so will have to get it. Did excellent job of narration.

"Cruella de Vil arrived while the puppies were playing. She tried to take Lucky, but he nipped her ear which tasted like pepper."

Handwriting without Tears: Cruising right along doing two pages a day and finished pages 16 through 23.

Math: Working on both Addition and Subtraction. Father and James did a bonus lesson about Exponents and Ratios. How two things compare to each other. Taking James favorite subject - Godzilla and using ratio to draw Godzilla to scale. Ready to start having James memorize math fact tables from living memory. Will work that in next week.

Science: Father and James read two more chapters in Galen about Alexandria and Galen and the Gladiators. In Chemistry they read about organic synthesis and discussed. All just exposure right now and James is soaking it in.

History: In TCOO read Chapter XX Bacon's Rebellion. Poor Bacon. The two faced governor gives Bacon a commission to hunt down the indians and as soon as he is out in the field, withdraws the commission and sends his troops to arrest him. Bacon finally takes matters in his own hands and marchs against the governor and ends up burning down Jamestown. He dies before he finds out he was in the right. The king finally gets wind of the governor's collusion and pulls him back to England.

I introduced James to Francis of Assissi and we read Brother Francis and the Friendly Beasts by Margaret Hodges.

James advanced to Webelos this week. The meeting was held at the park down the street and James den got to bring up the flags and salute the colors. James did great especially since it was a late minute thing and several people were giving him directions on what to do.

James and Jesse with Alexander (red cap) helping

Look at that happy face

How do you get 6 boys to pay attention all at the same time? Answer you don't

Don't put the slide on upside down, mom!

Look at me - DAD!

James has just about completed everything for his bear badge. We've been zooming through it all since we only had three months. Now he'll have a full year to work on his webelos stuff.

James has been playing Zoombinis Mountain Rescue this week. Last year he couldn't do it all and just watched while I did all the work. Now he is having a blast doing it all on his own.

Amazon explains it best: "Zoombinis are little blue guys and gals that inhabit a kingdom reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, and ingeniously teach math principles using puzzles instead of numbers. In Zoombinis Mountain Rescue a group of Zoombinis gets trapped in a cave, and it's up to players to organize a search party that can withstand the logical travails of a journey through this perilous and quirky terrain. There are nine "obstacles" along the rescue route. Players cross a bridge of turtles by sorting Zoombini search party members by nose color, hairstyle, or other characteristics. Deducing (again, based on features) which Zoombini can snowboard down what path furthers the mission, as well. The search party is held up briefly in a cafeteria where it must use logic to wait on Norfs who drop oblique hints about what they want, or don't want, to order. Each game will stretch your child's ability to use forethought and analysis to assess a situation. Even the easiest of the three levels is designed to be challenging, so be prepared to help out along this creative and strenuous path."

So far he hasn't needed any help. What a difference a year makes.


  1. Loved reading your post. I think I will do weejkly updates regularly.

    WG: Salman Rushdie
    TSS: Reflecting on reading

  2. As always Robin I'm so impressed by what you're doing with your son!! Amazing stuff!!


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