Work In Progress Wednesday


10072. Do you like that number? That is how much I have managed to write in the past week. I did an experiment and went back to writing at the computer. First couple days I managed about 800 words each day and found myself editing as I wrote. The words just weren't flowing. The next morning, I sat down in my comfy chair, armed with fat pen and notebook and started writing. A couple hours later, I had filled about 10 pages and my brain was tired. Took the afternoon to type it up, do a little research and expanded a bit as I went. Managed to do the same thing for the next few days. Write while it flowed, then type it up afterwords. I just finished typing up my latest a few minutes ago.

I usually work on Tuesdays, but stayed home due to the misfortune (or probably fortune) of having a cold. Since I sound like Lauren Bacall, we are doing minimal lessons (the ones James can work on independently and don't require me to talk) and I concentrated on writing. Funny thing is with the cold I can't wrap my mind around a book, but I haven't had any problem writing.

It's Tuesday night and been spending a minimal amount of time online for the past week. I probably won't be online Wednesday (except to pop on to post my link at Kate's) until done writing for the day. I am determined to finish this by Easter. I'm approaching the finish line and may just make it.

Where am I with the story. The Stormy Weather, the yacht upon which Winter is being held captive, has limped into a port with one engine broken. Unbeknown to our villainess, Dom and friends managed to track and fly to the location and had people in place before they arrived. However, our heroine hasn't just been sitting on her hands waiting to be rescued. She's ready to fight. We'll see what my imagination comes up with tomorrow.

Head on over to Kate of The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me to see how everyone else has progressed this week.

Happy Writing!


  1. Woo! That is awesome progress. You just lit a fire under me....

  2. Wow! That is incredible progress! Hope you finish by Easter!

  3. Great numbers for this week, I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Awesome progress! I also had a little cold this past week, although unlike you, it did make it more difficult for me to write.

    Hope you're feeling better and that you make your Easter deadline!

  5. Keep up the great work!! Sounds like writing longhand is the way to go. When I try to type from my mind I always find myself stopping and editing...
    You will accomplish your goal!!

  6. Thanks everybody. I've written 10 pages (front and page) and just have a couple more chapters to go. Now I have to type it up. Yee Haw!

  7. Happy writing indeed! You're doing wonderfully and I can't wait for the finished product.


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