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Beauty in the face of adversity

I finally watched the whole Susan Boyle youtube video after seeing a small portion of it on the news the other day. It choked me up to watch this woman face this crowd of people who doubted her and sing her heart and soul out bringing them all to their feet in admiration. Someone with less strength or self worth would have folded and walked out in defeat or choked up and sang horribly before they even began because of the audiences attitude. But she didn't.

Susan Boyle knew...she knew and said it herself in the preinterview "I'm going to make the audience rock." I had my husband and son watch it as well and my son who typically can't stand watching anything youtube stood there with a big smile on his face. My husband was as choked up as I was.

Author Toni McGee Causey over at Murderati (my favorite author group blog site as everyone should know by now) has some very profound words to say about not only Susan Boyle but "How Do You Know When To Quit?"

Did you read it? Good. Deciding to perservere in the face of any odds also begs the question do you have the patience. Jody Hedlund of On The Path asks the question "What Are You Waiting For?" Writing is a process and I realize it will probably be a long process. Here I am going on 50 and choosing a new path to head down. Will I have the patience, will I persevere or let the first few rejections change my mind. I decided to see what is around the next bend in the road, even though I have no idea where it will take me.

We can't always sit and wait for life to happen, we have to make life happen. No matter whether you are 18 and just graduating from high school or 35 and making a career change. It is up to you to make that next move that will change your life, make you grow, teach you a lesson or open up a new world. We are not entitled to a job just because we graduated. We aren't not entitled to that pay raise unless we work for it. We are not entitled to anything...we have to work for it.

A young man walked into my shop and asked for a job. I advised him we weren't hiring and as he walked out the door he commented to his companion. "S**t, man. I deserve a job, I graduated." I really really wanted to walk out the door and explain to this young man that he didn't deserve it. That just because he graduated from high school, it didn't give him any privileges. Yes he has a right to a job, but he would have to earn it, he would have to prove he was capable. But I kept my mouth shut and he will learn the hard way, like most do. Like I did.

Seize the day before the day seizes you!


  1. This post rocks!!!!

    BTW- Glad you checked out the NieNie Dialogues. I get weepy/happy too about her. Such an inspiration.

  2. Very nice post. Thank you! I also did a post in response to Jody's post. I think that enjoying the journey and not angsting over the wait is one of the keys to being happy as a writer. :)

  3. Hi Robin,
    Between you and Lady Glamis, I think I'm getting a great reminder to take time to be content with the writing journey itself! It's so hard to do! But I'm going to try!! Thanks!

  4. Great post! I watched that video last week and had such tears in my eyes! You're right - so many people in her position would have given up long ago, but she persevered and now look at her - she's a worldwide sensation!


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