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The Sunday Salon - From Books to Movies

The Sunday

Good Morning, Sunday Saloners. I have some exciting news which is quite apropos since Thursday on Booking through Thursday we were just talking about what books have movie potential. One author I didn't mention was Nora Roberts because a few of her books had already been made into movies. I had been thinking at that time, it would be interesting for Northern Lights to be made into a movie.

I had already read it twice and was just thinking about reading it again. Then received a wonderful email letting me know Northern Lights has been made into a Lifetime Television movie and will air on March 21st. Yes!

"Northern Lights" premiers March 21st at 9 pm et/pt,

Beside Northern Lights, there are 3 more of Nora Roberts books that have been made into movies.

"Midnight Bayou" with Jerry O'Connell, Lauren Stamile and Faye Dunaway premiers March 28th at 9 pm et/pt. "High Noon"with Emilie DeRavin, Ivan Sergei and Cybill Shepard premiers April 4th at 9 pm et/pt and "Tribute" with Brittany Murphy and Jason Lewis premiers April 11th at 9 pm et/pt.

These movies aren't just chick flicks either. Father enjoyed watching Carolina Moon with me when it aired last year. Drama, mystery, murder and yes, Romance. I can't wait.
I'm setting my dvr to record all four movies and look forward to watching them.


  1. I think I must keep a lookut for those movies :)

  2. I didn't know that about Northern Lights. :) I'll have to tell my step-mom since she loves Nora Roberts. Happy Sunday!

  3. I've never read Nora Roberts, but mayve I'll try it out!

  4. I am going to record these movies. It has been such a long time since I've read the books, that hopefully I won't get made about the changes they had to make

  5. We must be on the same Nora Roberts E-letter. I saw that too and was excited to see that her best books are being made into movies. Hopefully the movies will be as good as the books.


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