Faith N' Fiction Saturday: Guess the Book

Amy at My Friend Amy's has decided to to do something totally different today and have a little game.

It might be kind of difficult, so I'm urging you to choose books you think a lot of people have read.

In six words or less, describe one or two of your favorite books. The book should be published for the Christian marketplace or be considered a Christian classic. You cannot include words from the titles or the names of the characters. For example, if I chose A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman, I might use the following six words: World War I, Sisters, Love, Ireland, Newspaper. If you like, though, you can make it into a sentence that describes what the book is about. But you can't use more than six words! Then we'll each go around and try to guess each other's books.

My books:

1) violin, reporter, underground, nazi's, risk, honor

2) secrets, hot tub, village, grief, coffee, past.

If you can't guess, you can always try Google, but that would be just too easy... Wouldn't it!

Edited as of 6:00

I'll let you all off the hook now. The answers are:

1) Vienna Prelude (book 1 of Zion Covenant series) by Bodie Thoene
2) Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins.


  1. I think I am finding there are a lot of books I haven't read..cause I don't have a clue...LOL

  2. Sheesh, I dunno. Tough game today, but a neat and fun idea. Thanks for the visit & comment at Free Spirit. Hey everybody, my offering is up at-

  3. Wow! I didn't even think about cheating with google!
    Your 6 word sums are really good too!
    Making mine look even more dreary and unimaginative.
    I look forward to seeing what your titles are, they sound interesting!

  4. I'm stumped. I look forward to reading your titles too.

  5. Both are great teasers! Looking forward to their titles.


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