About My Two Blessings

Welcome to My Two Blessings. I originally started this blog on March 21, 2007 as a means to communicate with family and friends and let them know about our journey through homeschooling and life in general. I discovered a whole new world of book bloggers, author blogs, writers blogs as well as home school and educational blogs. It has evolved or rather I have evolved since then and the blog has become a creative outlet for not only discussing homeschooling, but also my education, books and writing.

What is the history behind the name My Two Blessings. It all has to do with my family. My # 1 blessing is my husband. He is my soul mate, best friend, sounding board, massage therapist, can fix anything mechanical, wonder man. Do you think I love him just a little bit? He is master of the house and my sweet son calls him Father. So we will refer to him throughout as Father. My #2 blessing is my one and only son, James. It wasn't intended for him to be an only, but that's the way it worked out. God works in mysterious ways and we are quite a happy little family unit. I wouldn't want it any different.

And me: I am a 51 year old mother, housewife, home school teacher, co business owner of an audio and video electronic repair shop, aspiring writer and bibliophile.

We have our own successful electronic repair business. Father will be celebrating 22 years of ownership in April. I became involved in the business while we were dating and am officially the office manager/accountant. Lots of paperwork. Father also loves to design and manufacture amplifiers and is currently working on a Microphone preamplifier. After 17 years, I'm able to understand about 50% of his electronic jargon, and still learning every day.

I decided to go back to college a couple years ago and recently finished my Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts. Back when I was in my 20's and pursuing that Bachelor's, I hooked a bachelor instead and fell off the wagon. Fortunately that didn't work out or I would never have meet Father. Completed it the new fangled way – distance learning through Excelsior college. I didn't have time to sit in a classroom anymore so it worked out for me. I also have an AS degree in Secretarial Science and a Paralegal Certificate.

We decided to home school (well I did) when James came along. At the tender age of 5, (sniff sniff) we decided to send dear son off to kindergarten at a private school. It didn't work out for him so we decided to home school. Father was skeptical at first, but after I taught James how to read and write, he was in 100%. We school year round and James is currently a 6th grader. So, you will get hear all about our successes and failures with curriculum, fun trips and whatnot.

I became a serious aspiring writer when I joined National Novel Write Month in 2007.  I had dabbled over the years, trying my hand at writing, and never finishing a thing. Then I heard about Nanowrimo in 2007 and decided it would be a great challenge. I loved it and completed a very rough first draft of a story called "Floating on the Surface" which I am totally rewriting and about 75% done.  I became a big fan of the challenge and joined in every year since then.  When 2008 Nano rolled around, I stepped up and challenged myself once again and started working on a romance murder mystery called "Winter's Illusion." For 2009 Nano I wrote "Eyes in the Ashes" and 2010, a suspense novel with a bit of romance thrown in called Red Thief. All are basically in the edit process. After 2011 Nano is over, I'll be choosing one of the stories to edit, beta reading and querying. 

Books! I'll admit it I'm a book-a-holic and addicted to reading and a speed reader. Ever since I learned how to read at the age of 6, I haven't stopped. Books are my one true vice and the overflowing bookshelves in our home are a testament to that fact. I love to read and started reviewing books during my first challenge, the Spring Reading Challenge hosted by another blogger. After I wrote that first review, I was hooked. During that challenge I also discovered an amazing number of book bloggers and learned much about books and reviewing. My reading tastes are rather eclectic and I'm enjoying discovering many new to me authors.

My Two Blessings has evolved over the years and will most likely continue to evolve as I do. I turned 50 in November 2009  which is a milestone marker year in anyone's life. I'm looking forward to it and what we can accomplish. Hope you enjoy the ride as well.


  1. Robin,

    I found you through The Bluestocking Guide and the Ultimate Blog Party. I enjoyed visiting your blog and have subscribed to keep up with your posts.

  2. Robin, I loved reading this post from the first to the last sentence! I think it's wonderful that you decided to share details about your personal life. I just have to say that I admire all homeschooling moms, you included. I wish I could have the guts and patience to do it.

  3. Can books be a vice? Never! I love mystery and fantasy. I think I would enjoy romance if I could find any that were clean...

    I'm also going to be homeschooling my son starting next fall. Mind if I ask what curriculum you're using? We're looking into K-12.com, but this is all new for me. I'd love any advice you can give if you're willing! I find the whole thing a bit daunting.

  4. What a great post! I feel I know you a little better now. You lead such a full life.

  5. I admire all homeschooling moms, you included. I wish I could have the guts and patience to do it.

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  6. Just found you through your 52 books in 52 weeks blog and am delighted by both that blog and this one. (I just started with 52 weeks and hope to get on the blog roll of particIpants there.) I am looking forward to digging into this blog more as I have time. we share some common interests -- books, homeschooling, blogging and writing among others.


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