Musing Mondays

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the library…

How often do you visit the library? Do you have a scheduled library day/time, or do you go whenever? Do you go alone, or take people with you?

I used to go to the library all the time years ago. Until I got a job that is and could afford to buy books and keep them. You see I like books and like the way they look in my bookcases and like to reread them whenever I feel like it.

Sing it with me: me me me me!

We have several libraries in our county and they are all open different hours, different days and then some days just because they have to close due to budget issues. They aren't open when I'm available to actually go. It is more convenient to go to a bookstore.

Last year, I took the time to take James to the Library and get library cards for both of us. It was time to teach the child about libraries and how they work. We walked around the library and watched the homeless guys on the internet, the kid with the cold sneeze and wipe his boogers on a book before putting it back on the shelf, and the old couple giving us dirty looks because James wasn't using his indoor voice. We haven't been back since.

I'd rather buy our books. Like Bluestocking, we are building our own library and the best part, you don't have to return them.


  1. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I started building my library as soon as could read. We pretty much can't handle more books! So now I'm pretty selective about what is going to take up physical space in this house.

  2. I buy the ones I'm really interested in reading, like books from fave authors and genres. I check out the ones I'm not sure if I'll buy from the library.

  3. I like having lots of books on my own shelf to read, too! And I also like getting Young Adult fiction too so I can read it now and if I approve of it, my kids can read it when they're ready.

    I like the way books look on my shelf too! But there are some books I'd like to read but maybe not buy (like if I'm unsure if I'll like it or not) and for those I like using the library.

  4. Lol, yeah I tend to wipe the books down before I read them! People are so gross.

  5. I love filling my bookshelves with books too, although right now they are overflowing a bit! Mostly when I use the library these days, I just use the internet to put books on hold.

    Hope to see you take part in WIP Wednesday this week too!:)


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